14 Sep 2017

Visual Art attracts premium brands through Stockholm acquisition

Stadsklockan av Global AgenciesVisual Art is carrying out a strategic acquisition of Global Agencies, which currently operates 250 out-of-home advertising displays with 6.8 million contacts every week. A large proportion of these is in Greater Stockholm. The displays are centrally located with high reach, which gives Visual Art a strong foothold in Stockholm’s most visited locations.

”Over and above making our advertising network even stronger, this also opens up new clients for us, particularly premium brands such as Chanel and Triwa, who find Global Agencies’ central displays, which reach high purchasing power target groups, very appealing,” says Andreas Lind, CEO of Visual Art.

Best known is the City Clocks Concept (Stadsklockan), 60 centrally-located advertising displays in Stockholm’s inner city, with a large clock above the screen, which draws attention strongly and increases client benefit. Many are located around Stureplan and in Stockholm’s busiest streets. In addition, there are 95 Golf Clocks at prestigious golf clubs as well as a further 100 displays in 10 municipalities, particularly in the Stockholm area.

An important element in the deal is to digitalise the City Clocks, 20 percent of which are already digital. Research shows that Global Agencies’ digital displays in Stockholm’s inner city have a powerful impact and high attention value, and are greatly in demand by clients.

”This is a major step for Global Agencies. Just like Visual Art, we are passionate about developing new concepts and solutions for our clients. Now we have access to Visual Art’s digital experts, and together we can develop the advertising of future,” says Roger Starck, CEO of Global Agencies. Read more


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