04 Sep 2017

Visual Art acquires City Media, Denmark’s leading company in high impact large format media

The purchase is a strategic acquisition aimed at making Visual Art the largest player in digital out-of-home advertising and digital signage. The Danish market for digital out-of-home advertising is relatively immature, which opens massive business opportunities for Visual Art.

”City Media is a fantastic acquisition for us and, strategically, it is a perfect fit in the Visual Art Group. With the company and its talented personnel joining us, we will be one of the largest players in Denmark. Over the past 20 years we have learned a great deal about how we can develop our clients’ businesses through digital communication and technical innovation”, says Andreas Lind, CEO of Visual Art Group.

City Media has 80 percent of the market for high impact media (large format out-of-home advertising) and is one of the four largest players in the OOH market. City Media has a presence in Copenhagen and in Denmark’s four largest cities. The company currently has sales of USD 5 million in out-of-home and digital out-of-home advertising and print services.

”This is a perfect match for us. Visual Art has the digital cutting-edge expertise, experience and exciting client portfolio to open new business opportunities for us. We now have the digital muscle to shift up a gear in our market”, says Pia Petersen, Managing Director of City Media. Read more


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