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04 May

Welcome to Stureplan’s hottest advertising site, The Pavilion


The Pavilion, a digital cube at the centre of the Stureplan plaza, one of the most attractive locations in Sweden, developed in collaboration with the founders of The Pavilion Sweden AB. The Pavilion is the next step in Visual Art’s expansion of its offer and its reach on Sweden’s streets and squares in the Out Of Home sector.


The Pavilion combines events with a creative, high-impact digital advertising space. The location at the junction of Birger Jarlsgatan and Sturegatan means that The Pavilion gives consumers the opportunity to experience brands and products in a completely new way. The inside can be converted into a pop-up store, showroom or art exhibition. The walls are covered in LED screens which form three sides of the cube. The screen’s 2.67 mm pixel distance generates a clear image which is visible across the whole of Stureplan.

The largest screen measures 2.4 m x 3.36 m and the screens on the sides measure 2.4 m x 1.42 m. The screens can also be coordinated to give advertisers maximum scope to use creative concepts. The total screen area is 14.88 square metres. Advertising campaigns can also be synchronised with other digital spaces operated by Visual Art at Stureplan.

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