18 May 2018

New shopping malls to be digitized

During this spring, Visual Arts’ DOOH network has grown with several shopping malls and gallerias around Sweden. Arkaden in the center of Gothenburg, St: Per gallerian in Uppsala and in the middle of Nyköping, Axet. Furthermore, Bergvik in Karlstad, Värmland’s largest trading venue. This week the stylish Hansa mall in the middle of Malmö was added to the list and in September we are pleased to contribute to the brand new Mölndal Galleria as it opens!

Arkaden, Gothenburg (Photo: Vasakronan)

St Pers, Uppsala (Photo:Skandia Fastigheter)

Axet, Nyköping (Photo: Stadsrum Fastigheter)

Bergvik, Karlstad (Photo: Eurocommercial)

Hansa, Malmö (Photo: Areim Fastigheter)

Mölndal Galleria (Photo:Citycon)





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