06 Dec 2018

Visual Art digitizes Aalborg – Denmark’s fastest growing airport

For more than 1,6 million annual travelers, Alborg Lufthavn, Denmark’s third largest airport, is the direct route to Copenhagen and about 40 other destinations. In 2019, these business and leisure travelers will be greeted by relevant and inspiring commercial messages and promotional activities provided by Visual Art/City Media .

Rikke Mølgaard, Sales and Marketing Director at Aalborg Airport, says: “Aalborg Airport is experiencing substaincial growth and we are pleased to meet travelers with relevant and inspiring commercial messages and promotional activities after the New Year. The campaigns will contribute positively to the good atmosphere at the airport and, in collaboration with Visual Art/City Media, we have chosen solutions that fit well with the architectural frameworks that characterize the airport’.

She continues: “We have chosen Visual Art/City Media because they provide a full-service package solution and handle everything from everything from screen and software implementation, as well as sales and marketing. At the same time, they have a highly creative team that can help advertisers to develop concepts and strategies as well as produce films and animations for the screens”.

Pia Petersen, CEO of Visual Art/City Media in Denmark, is also excited: “”We are proud and happy that Aalborg Airport has chosen us as their partner. The airports’ new intelligent digital network gives advertisers outstanding opportunities to create visually powerful and engaging campaigns that can be adapted to season, weather, traveler’s arrivals, etc. Therefore, each passenger will experience more relevant advertising and less noise on their way through the airport”, says Pia Petersen

For more information please contact:
Pia Pederson, CEO Visual Art/City Media
+45 70 206 205

Photo: Aalborg Airport



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