24 Sep 2019

McDonald’s uses signage by Visual Art to streamline their business

McDonald’s is now investing in development of the Drive Thru, as a result of the fact that guests along the roads are becoming more important. The purpose is meeting guests’ changing needs and continuing to offer a modern restaurant experience. Visual Art has gained the confidence to digitize McDonald’s Drive Thrus and in 2020 all McDrive in Sweden to be updated.

In restaurants with McDrive, Drive Thru accounts for nearly 50% of sales. A thorough digitalization of the Drive Thru-process is now underway, where the menu boards represent the largest update. Together with Visual Art, McDonald’s establishes digital menu boards that can be customized according to time of day, weather and campaigns. For example, the content can be adapted to time of day to only show the breakfast menu in the morning, which make it easier for guests to read the menu and decide on their order.

– Simple and fast ordering process and really good burgers is the best way to make our McDrive-guests happy, and our new digital signs will become an important part of this work forward, says Rickard Berthold, Digital Lead, at McDonald’s in Sweden.

The new Drive Thru-solution is up and running in two restaurants, McDonald’s Åkersberga and McDonald’s Lindvreten, and in 2020, all McDrive in Sweden to be digitized. The signs have better quality in both daylight and darkness and can be read at longer distances.

– Digitizing the Drive Thru gives our employees more time for other tasks as we can make news and promotional updates faster and easier, says Rickard Berthold, Digital Lead, at McDonald’s Sweden.

The screens are powered by VA Player, a software developed by Visual Art that has been running digital solutions at McDonald’s since 2006 and today VA Player serves all digital menu screens and lobby screens inside the restaurants.

– Together with McDonald’s, we continue to digitize the customer journey, now with the menu Drive Thru-menus. We are sure that, as a result, McDonald’s guests will be even more satisfied with their restaurant experience, says Pontus Meijer, Business Area Director at Visual Art. There is a huge potential in streamlining and customizing the buying process with digital signs. At Visual Art we are at the forefront in this area, therefore it feels fantastic to collaborate with a major player where we get the opportunity to develop new, exciting projects together.


For more information please contact:

Pontus Meijer, Business Area Director, Visual Art
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