12 Sep 2019

Visual Art expands the DOOH network – to ICA stores

Visual Arts’ new offering – 2800 screens in 500 stores in ICA’s nationwide network with over 8 million contacts per week.

Since 2008 Visual Art has collaborated with ICA, and has among other things developed a digital media channel – ICA Butiks TV to increase the  customer experience in-store .
When ICA and Visual Art now take the next step, Visual Art has gained confidence to work with media sales within the media channel.

A completely unique DOOH-product with more than 1000 screens in the checkout line, divided into nearly 500 stores from north to south, will be launched.

The largest stores within ICA, Maxi ICA Supermarket and ICA Kvantum, are represented at more than 90%, and in additon +200 ICA Supermarket and ICA Nära with high customer traffic.

Visual Art will also, as the first company ever, collaborate with ICA Media in selling Ad-space in all parts of the grocery stores which adds 1800 screens to the offer.



Visual Art logotype