12 May 2020

Avoid lack of information at your workplace

In today’s globalized world, the focus is often on brand and external communication. But effective internal communication plays an equally important role for increased customer satisfaction, motivated employees and ultimately better profitability.

One reason for employee dissatisfaction in their workplaces is lack of information. It is said that the single biggest problem in communication, is the illusion that it has taken place.

To date, there hasn’t been much investment into improving the employee experience but, with the rise of employee engagement and employer branding this is changing rapidly.

Companies have relied on their intranets for more than a decade when it comes to internal communication. But most intranets aren’t used as much as we would like to, and many are out-of-date technologically.

In today’s fast-paced world, people expect to get information in an instant. Communication is coming from all corners and channels and therefore employees also demand relevant information from the company often.

About 80% of the global workforce, which includes nurses, retail staff, warehouse and factory workers etc is not sitting by a desk. Therefore, an information screen during the coffee break may be more relevant than an e-mail.

Digital screens attracts attention and visual content is 43% more persuasive than any other method, making it hard to ignore.

With our CMS Signage Player, you can easily manage your content, schedule, broadcast and monitor your digital fleet from your computer to communicate with employees, share news, provide data and give feedback from customers.

With pre-set templates you can easily change information but still keep your brand identity.



These templates consists of:


  • Drag and drop films and images
  • Textblock over films and images


  • Logotype
  • Greetings steered by dayparts
  • Information from API such as stock prices


  • Local time
  • Location where you are in the building
  • Local weather
  • Location and time from other offices around the world

If you want to know more how to create effective content, contact our Design Studio who are experts on content for digital platforms and screens.

Talk to our experts if you want to know how we can help you to create a better experience for your employees.

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