15 Apr 2020

Behind the scenes: Creating craving movies


Let us take you behind the scenes in our Studio, creating these craving movies for Sweden’s largest cinema chain, Filmstaden. Follow our Motion Director Catherine Sjöberg and let her guide you through her vision of the films, the choice of colors, cameras, angles and why she spent hours on gluing candy together.

“The initial idea of these films was to create an environment that felt like Filmstadens very own atmosphere but to keep it as yummy-looking as possible.

Creating craving films can seem quite simple, but having worked with table top directing for some time now I can tell you that at times is rather challenging. Food, candy and drinks tend to live their own life and is not easily directed.

As you can see here behind the scenes, I spent some time gluing candy together since they have a challenging shape and wouldn’t stay on the spin plate. Also piling them up was impossible and our best friend that day became the glue gun. A very handy tool to have in a studio I must add. Also, we noticed that chocolate bites tend to look rather dull having spent a few hours in their bags, so we spent more than half a day giving them back their shininess.

Cold drinks looks so much tastier if they actually look cold, so using dry ice mixed with regular ice to add some of that frosty feeling is a nice trick.

Close ups are, if you ask me, a must in craving films. But you mustn’t forget to have a diverse set of clips to give the film an interesting look and feel.

Filmstaden gives us a great experience with their theatres and wide range of snacks and drinks. Adding this movie ambience in the craving films with bokehs and other special features made the content suitable for FS screens. “

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