31 Mar 2020

Eggs Inc strive to be a healthy McDonald’s

By offering healthy and nutritious food, Eggs Inc wants to change the fast food industry. Within five years, the company should have opened 100 restaurants, via franchises, worldwide. In the restaurants, eggs are served in a variety of innovative ways, from scrambled eggs and omelettes to egg pizza and egg buns. The idea is that the customer shall find all the fast food they already like, made on fresh eggs.

A restaurant experience is much more than just good food, beverages and service. Atmosphere and decor are important factors and recognition should permeate their restaurant concept. With digital screens, they can be flexible and communicate relevant offers regardless of time of day or day of the week. By working with digital communication strategically located in the restaurant, Eggs Inc aims to drive visitors from the pedestrian zone and inspire and simplify the guests’ choices.

Our Design Studio are experts on creating content for food and templates for digital menu boards. When we, as in this case, can contribute with our strategic and design knowledge we usually see very positive results. We have seen in studies that an entrance screen can increase traffic by + 13% and that the queue time is perceived as shorter if you compare digital with analog menu boards, says Pontus Meijer, Chief Revenue Officer at Visual Art.

– We want our guests to have a positive restaurant experience and here the digital screens can really help. Both for lifting the food visually, simplifying the guests’ choices and also for us to communicate offers. We will use Visual Art’s own CMS Signage Player and thus be able to change the templates, change content and can monitor what is displayed on the screens, no matter where in the world the restaurant is located, says Elisabet Eriksson, founder and CEO of Eggs Inc.

In 1996 Elisabeth Eriksson founded Espresso House, which today has a turnover of SEK 1.5 billion and there are about 460 cafes in five different countries. She left the company in 2015 and is now making another major investment with the egg restaurant Eggs Inc.

– The business concept is to be able to eat healthy and tasteful food on the go, and it should be affordable. Eggs keep you full for a long time, are rich in protein and you can keep the prices down, says Elisabet Eriksson

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