18 Mar 2020

How clients uses Digital Signage during Corona-crisis

Covid-19 has hit us all one way or another and many of our clients are working within different segments but still have one thing in common; they need to communicate with their customers, visitors, guests, employees etc. And they need to be able to change content fast.

For us, it is business as usual. Our Design Studio are helping some clients to produce content to publish and others are broadcasting content themselves, produced inhouse or by agencies.

With our CMS Signage Player, our clients can produce playlists and change content instantly.

It’s safe to say it’s a great advantage to work with Digital Signage compare to analogue in times like these when staying relevant and communicate new messages is being put on its forefront.

Here’s how Apotek Hjärtat have changed their communication to increase knowledge about authorization to pick-up prescription medicine for others

Below is an example where Pressbyrån and 7Eleven (located at hospitals) are using digital screens to pay tribute to all heroes in the healthcare sector. For everything they do for society, for our elderly, for our sick and our healthy.

Right now, they are offering 100,000 coffee and buns in their stores located at hospitals.


If you have any questions, need to change your content or just want ideas how to use your digital screens, contact us and we will help you out!

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