20 Mar 2020

How retailers can increase traffic to their stores

Kronans Apotek’s in Westfield Mall of Scandinavia

Many retailers share the same challenges, to increase traffic to their stores and how to convert in stores. The holy grail for retailers is to offer a complete customer experience even if that means different things for different industries there is a bottom line: you need to offer an engaging, immersive and high-quality experience during the whole customer journey.

Digital Signage enables you to communicate with your target audience more effectively. It doesn’t matter if it’s with customers, visitors, employees or other – Digital Signage will make it easier for you to be relevant.

Digital Signage attracts attention and visual content is 43% more persuasive than on analogue, making it hard to ignore.

A hanging sign at the storefront can increase traffic with +13%* but be sure to show the right content.

Brand building content aren’t as effective as a product launch, a campaign, sale or similar. If you want to know more how to create effective content, contact our Design Studio who are experts on content for digital platforms and screens.

With our CMS Signage Player, you can easily manage your content, schedule, broadcast and monitor your digital fleet from your computer.

See how Telenor is working with Digital Signage by strategically placed screens throughout the store, where each screen has a clear purpose.


Contact us if you want to know how we can help you to create a better in-store customer experience



*Retail study conducted by Retail Academics, 2019

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