05 May 2020

Swedish eyewear brand aim to drive traffic with digital communication

Swedish eyewear brand Nividas has sharpened its store concept and opened its first shop-in-shop at Åhléns Odenplan in Stockholm. With a digital screen in the shop window, they will take advantage of the high flow of people to drive traffic to the store.

Digital communication screens enable Nividas to communicate more effectively with their target group. Using Visual Art’s CMS Signage Player, they can change content and create playlists that keep them relevant no matter the time of day or day of week.

The eye is drawn to what is moving and digital communication screens in windows increase the likelihood that passersby will receive the messages displayed. Dynamic advertising in storefronts gives a bigger impression than just glasses and creates a direct call-to-action.

– We’ve seen in surveys that a screen-in screen can increase traffic by + 13%, provided you show the right type of content, says Pontus Meijer, Chief Revenue Officer at Visual Art.

– Digital screens enable us to always be able to show relevant content, whether it’s news, products, campaigns, sales or similar. Using Visual Art’s CMS Signage Player, we can manage our content easily, create playlists, schedule and broadcast in an instant, says Clas Nyqvist, Business Development Manager at Nividas.

Foto: Nividas

Nividas is a Swedish eyewear brand that was founded in 2014. With their business concept they are offering customers smarter, easier and a more transparent eyewear purchase. With fixed and low prices they give the customers the opportunity to vary their glasses according to mood and occasion, just like customers do with other accessories.

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