22 Jun 2021

Blomsterlandet in forefront of digital customer experience

Blomsterlandet strives to be in the forefront of a digital customer experience, in their 64 stores around in Sweden. 

Through a combination of knowledge, inspiration and high commitment the company offers affordable products with high quality where only imagination sets the limits. 

Our Mission

The mission was to create a better overall customer experience and drive sales by showing a mix of inspiring, educative and sales offers throughout the stores.


The Challenge

The overall challenge was to facilitate the content mix, complement the interior design and drive traffic to both inside and outside retail spaces. Blomsterlandet needed a solution to fit the digital signage for both the garden centers and the city stores. Visual Art has provided both the concepts so that they can fit under the same structure but still appear as different concepts.

The solution in Blomsterlandet’s city concept is even more focused on digital experience. The store is smaller but with a custom range of plants and products that are adapted to the location, seasons and customer conditions.

With help from staff, all customers can easily get access to the entire range in their e-commerce and order for pick-up in store.


Our Solution


Talk to our experts, if you want to know more about how we can increase your digital customer experience in store.

Visual Art logotype