08 Feb 2021

Digital Signage trends: Economic perspective

Digital signage trends.

Our Marketing & Communications Director Monika Lindquist is interviewed by Sonny Carlsson at ROL Fredbergs about her favourite topics the brain and how easy it is to influence and help people, ie by reducing choices at a menu board in a restaurant.


They are talking briefly about:
  • Future investments in new tech and innovation. Where innovation doesn’t has to be new tech but can solve a problem or fulfill a need people don’t know they have
  • To drive real business value
  • Decision factors from an investment perspective
  • How segment such as retail, real estate owners, Shopping Centers, restaurant/café can benefit from digital communication channels
  • How people can be influenced by televans in terms of: right message, at the right place, at the right time in the right context
  • That people act and take decisions based on emotions


And finally, you can watch previous episodes about tech or social trends within digital signage.

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