02 Sep 2021

Effective internal communication strategy

Effective internal communication strategy in focus when digitizing SSSB in Stockholm.

Stockholms studentbostäder was founded by students who wanted to do something about the housing shortage. Today they are the largest in student housing in Sweden, with 8.000 homes distributed on 25 areas. 

Their main business is to offer Student Union-affiliated students in Stockholm a pleasant and affordable accommodation. And their vision is to build the future through attractive homes for students.


The Mission


Our mission was to create an internal communication solution to effectively reach employees and students with relevant information and messages.

The solution is set up as two channels.

The channel for the employees will strengthen the relationship between colleagues and also the company culture.

The solution has an integration with Spintr. A portal where employees can reach other colleagues, get news from management, and create link libraries for important digital tools in addition to gain information about routines, policies etc.


The second channel for the students, is informative and creates a feeling of security. For many students, this is the first accommodation when they move away from home. Therefore, information about how they are using a washing machine or how they can change a lamp are of great importance.

Besides that, information about upcoming activities plays an important role. Many of the students are new in the city and also Sweden as a country.

The digital communication channel is set up to be informative, educational or contribute to community. Each zone has a clear purpose linked to this. For example, the entrance screen is more informative about moving in or moving out. While, the screen in the kitchen can give tips on how to clean.


The Challenge


Our challenge was to combine our Design Studio‘s expertise within strategy and content, and still keep each screens specific purpose in mind. But without loosing the simplicity.

Together, we created a complete solution where SSSB streamlines and aligns their communication to the maximum – both digitally and analogue.


The Solution



If you want to know more about creating digital solutions for effective internal communication, talk to our experts!


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