11 Nov 2021

He will accelerate Visual Art’s European growth

LED display is a fast-growing market and to meet an accelerating customer demand. Yesterday, Visual Art announced its establishment of the new business unit. Visual Art has hired Roberth Fredriksson, as Business Unit Director LED, to help drive future growth. Fredriksson comes most recently from Microbus and have been working within large format display for 34 years.


Name: Roberth Fredriksson
Age: 53
Previous company: Microbus
Years within digital signage: 34 years
Role at Visual Art: Business Unit Director LED


What is your view of Visual Art?

I’ve had the great pleasure to work with Visual Art for almost 8 years as a supplier in various projects. Something that has always struck me is the company culture. The togetherness and happiness of the employees are automatically spread to the customers. And Visual Art truly puts the customer in the center and strives to drive real business value.

In addition, as an example of this is when one of Visual Art’s customers that I would start at Visual Art, the comment was “If there is someplace where you really would love to work, it is at Visual Art, they are just the best!”.


How can you contribute to Visual Art’s future success?

I will ensure that we will deliver the right products, to the right price to reach the best ROI for our customers.


What are you looking forward to (working at Visual Art)?

Visual Art has a clear goal to be the #1 Digital Signage player in Europe 2023 and I’m looking forward to be a part of that success story.


What’s the best with your job in general?

I love customer interaction. And delivering smooth and frictionless implementations for the customer. No only an experience that exceeds expectations technically, but also experiential.


What is the first you notice when you’re seeing digital signage in a store environment? (in general)

I’m always looking at the quality of the installation and if they’ve chosen the “correct” pixel pitch. The higher the pixel pitch, the greater the pixel separation.

Therefore, the lower the pitch, the better the definition and resolution of the image will be in closer distances, whilst, for pitch pixels with a wider separation, we will have lower resolutions and we will have to visualize them at a further distance.


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