20 Oct 2021

Liljevalchs – Work of art for art

Liljevalchs Art Gallery has been a place for contemporary art in Stockholm, Sweden, for over 100 years. The art gallery has now grown with a new extension signed by architect Gert Wingårdh, in collaboration with glass designer Ingegerd Råman. Visual Art was entrusted to deliver the digital communication solution.

The building consists of three floors and is connected to the main building via a glass corridor. There are large areas for exhibitions, a restaurant, and a shop.

The extension has its own architectural expression and is a complement to the main building. Liljevalchs + is cast in place in concrete and has many unique detail solutions. The roof consists of 166 lanterns that create a grid and enable many different room divisions and light inlets. On the façade, the artist Ingegerd Råman has created a decoration with 6860 bottoms from glass bottles that shimmer in the sun.


Our Mission:

The mission was to create a better experience for visitors by making it easier to navigate in the buildings and gain information about the art and the artists.

With customized templates and our easy-to-use digital signage software CMS Signage Player, the users can handle the content shown on the screens and change information when needed.


The Challenge:

The challenge was to integrate the screens in the environment in a natural way without losing the soul of the building or take focus from the art.


The Solution


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