15 Mar 2021

She will help Visual Art gain market shares




Maureen Blöcker is Visual Art’s new Business Manager in Germany. Her extensive experience, and proven track record, from sales makes her a key player for future growth.


What is your view of Visual Art?

I believe that Visual Art is a modern, creative and very innovative company. The potential is unlimited and it’s inspiring to work within a scale-up environment where we can grow with new, and existing, clients. I see potential within different branches, segments and countries.


How can you contribute to Visual Art’s future success in Germany?

My mission and vision are clear: Everything is possible!

I have a new, fresh and different view on the business and with Maike’s (Country Manager, Visual Art Germany) experience from the industry, I believe we are the perfect match.


What are you looking forward to, regarding working at Visual Art?

To meet my new colleagues and learn from their experience. I also love to work in a fast-paced environment where you can act instead of reacting in a rapid changing market.


What’s the best, in general, with your job?

I love to meet new people, make new business and to see people and companies grow. Hence, I’m looking forward to this new, creative and varied job with endless possibilities to grow our market share in Germany (and DACH-area).


What is the first you notice when you see digital signage in a store environment? (on your spare time)

If it’s implemented by Visual Art. And if it isn’t, I am going to change it!

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Digital Signage at Valora

Digital Signage at Valora in Germany

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