04 May 2021

Urban Escape – An innovative office space


For 7 500 people, Urban Escape is a new workplace. For the residents of Stockholm and many others, it is a place to meet and relax. A free zone in the city centre where passion for work can be combined with entertainment and relaxation – any time of the day. 

Urban Escape_169_1

Our Mission

Visual Art was entrusted with the opportunity to deliver an overall digital signage concept from strategy and concept through content creation, casing design and a customized CMS where users easily can handle the content shown on the screens.


The Challenge

The challenge was to facilitate navigation and wayfinding in the house and to create a digital communication experience in the lobby.

The solution should also simplify to keep the current tenants up to date and to give visitors added value when they stay in the lobby.

The digital signage solution should complement the interior design.


The Solution


Partner in the project: Samsung Display Solutions

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