16 Nov 2021

Vacse chooses Visual Art to visualize energy consumption of properties

Vacse has chosen Visual Art to develop a special solution for public buildings, with the goal of informing and educating about energy and water use in its properties. In addition, Visual Art have developed a specific learning tool for schools. There are 19 properties, in a first step, where the solution will be implemented.




Vacse is a property company focused in owning, managing and developing public-sector properties for the legal system, education and offices for community service. In this type of premises, a key part is being able to report energy and water consumption. However, Vacse has now taken that report a step further with the goal of helping visitors, and tenants, to understand and influence consumption.


–  Vacse has understood the power and efficiency of communicating this type of information on digital communication channels. But also, how to make full use of the technology. Here, you are not only getting information about the current situation, but also an insight into consumption looks historically, says Pontus Meijer, Chief Revenue Officer at Visual Art.


The solution looks a little different depending on the type of property in question. Basically, Visual Art has delivered screens and template-based interface that shows current consumption, but also picks up historical data. Depending on whether consumption goes up or down, extra information is triggered on the screens with concrete tips on how each individual can influence the numbers.

For schools, it has been taken one step further. It offers a specially adapted system with information, but also the opportunity for teachers to continuously pick out information and educational material directly from the screens with a QR code.


–  We wanted to get past showing only abstract figures on consumption for the property. Therefore, we have an automated function that always translates the numbers into something more tangible, such as how many hours you can run an electric whisk for the current amount of energy. The entire solution should not only inform but also inspire, says Sara Jägermo, Property Manager at Vacse


Vacse is going to implement the solution in 19 different properties around the country. Visual Art’s CMS Signage Player is the cornerstone of the solution and makes it possible to easily set up and update information on the screens. The hardware for the project is also delivered by Visual Art.


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