29 Jun 2021

Visual Art and Berlin start-up creates an environmentally friendly DOOH network

The start-up Green City Solutions and Deutsche Telecom have together with Visual Art designed an innovative solution for improving air quality in cities and at the same time attract a great deal of media attention. The combination of nature and tech is emblematic of the green city of tomorrow, where tech innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.


On one side of the CityBreeze is a green, vitalising moss wall, and on the other a 75-inch LED screen from Basys. The slim design creates a variety of use cases. The integration of state-of-the-art small cell and metering technology, the LED screen in the ideal media format and the fresh, moss-cleaned breeze make the CityBreeze an essential element for the expansion of the smart and green city.


The vitalising mosses in the CityBreeze have been proven to filter up to 82% of fine dust from the air.


Digital communication channels attract attention, and enable more messages to be shown at the same location. With a 75-inch LED screen on one of the sides, advertisers can reach a broad target audience. In combination with Visual Art’s cloud-based CMS Signage Player, content can easily be uploaded, scheduled, broadcasted, and monitored no matter where the screens are located.


“Cities are becoming more and more connected and digitized and we are proud to be part in such an innovative solution as CityBreeze” says Maike Frölich, Country Manager at Visual Art Germany.


“Through the targeted use of our active mosses, we take up existing infrastructures and renew them in an environmentally friendly way. Especially in combination with services such as external communication, rapid refinancing is possible. In this way, we combine ecology and economy and generate an immediate and sustainable improvement in air quality in cities” says Peter Sänger, CEO of Green City Solutions


Watch the video below


What the CityBreeze can do:


  • Vitalising moss with smart watering and ventilation technology for optimal air purification
  • Air quality sensor measures filter performance and environmental data displayed in AirCare in real time
  • Slim design for flexible installation in urban areas
  • 75-inch LED screen for razor-sharp images even in direct sunlight
  • Sensor and radio technology are designed to be multifunctional and offer space for integration of smart city technology
  • Lighting design for extended radiance and ideal integration into the urban space.


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