14 Oct 2021

Visual Art appoints industry veteran to run London office

Visual Art recently announced its expansion to the UK market and the office in London office will be the company’s eighth globally. To better serve clients with digital signage solutions, and positioning the company’s cloud-based digital signage software Signage Player, the company have appointed Kevin McGlasson to establish the London office. 

McGlasson have been working within the digital signage industry for + 15 years and comes most recently from Samsung.


Kevin, what is your view of Visual Art?

I truly believe Visual Art to be at the forefront of Digital Signage in every area. Their clear drive and ability to listen to customers and assist with solving their business challenges is what’s driving me to Visual Art.


How can you contribute to Visual Art’s future success in UK?

I’m hoping that I can bring great success to Visual Art in the UK. This market can be quite competitive market, and the huge prospect and challenge to be responsible for this for Visual Art is a little nerving but also extremely exciting.  There is a lot of opportunity here and with a lot of hard work and the right approach I am sure Visual Art and myself can have great success here.


What are you looking forward to the most?

There are a lot of smart people that work at Visual Art with a ton of experience and knowledge.  I feel extremely lucky to be able to work with and learn from everyone. Ultimately utilizing this expertise and support with customers is a prospect I am really looking forward too.


What do you love most about your job?

I think the thing I have missed the most is the interactions with customers and partners. I love exploring new technologies and helping to create new beneficial technical solutions. I spent 6 years at Samsung working closely with customers delivering innovative hardware and software solutions. I am really excited to continue this at Visual Art with not only highly efficient and easy to use software solutions, but also provide incredible content and consultation services.


If you stumble upon a digital signage solution in a store on your spare time, what is the first you notice?

Tough question! It really depends on how good the solution is.

I notice things not quite right first and envisage what could be changed to improve it. Whether the screen is not optimally located, maybe the content is the wrong format or aspect ratio. Is the content synced with other screens in the space?

Maybe it hasn’t been secured technically by disabling the IR receiver, maybe the buttons on the screen are still active so someone could tamper with the screen and potentially change the content?

I look at the content, how smooth the content running is, the choice of colors used and does this fit with the environment?

Does it have some nice little animations and movement to attract eyes to the screen?

Is the content and message relevant to the audience and location, is it reinforcing any other campaigns or communication outside the screen?

It seems strange typing this all out, methodical like, my only defense is it has been a long time looking and thinking about it..


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