03 Feb 2021

Visual Art digitizes the store and customer experience at Blomsterlandet

Blomsterlandet strive to be in the forefront for a digitized store and customer experience in their 63 stores in Sweden. The technology, which is delivered by Visual Art, will increase customer experience and customer value but is also a tool to increase sales in the stores. In total, this involves an installation of over 800 digital communication channels.

After a short pilot project of six weeks in four stores, starting in October 2020, Blomsterlandet has now decided to roll out a new concept with digital communication channels in stores across the country. Visual Art, which is also behind the concept, will now deliver all the technology, design and support around the project.

– This has been a bit of a pilot for us as well, as this is the first time the concept has been tested in this type of store environment that Blomsterlandet offers its customers. It is great to see that it has landed so well and not least so quickly with directly measurable effects for customer experience and customer flow in the stores, says Pontus Meijer, Chief Revenue Officer at Visual Art.

The basis of the concept is to first analyze the customer flow and then use digital communication channels, approximately 13 screens per store, to inform, entertain and steer the flow better. It gives customers direct added value and Blomsterlandet an even better opportunity to better instantly demonstrate their expertise in their on-site market. The digital communication channels have also been very effective in controlling customer flow in store, for example by increasing the traffic to the outdoor market during low-season periods.


– We noticed early on in the pilot that the customer experience was significantly higher and that this type of digital presence is also appreciated. Through this installation, we end up at the absolute forefront of digital concepts in the store environment, which we believe will benefit both customers and the business in general for many years to come, says Stephan Andersson, Chief Marketing Officer at Blomsterlandet.


In total, the partnership involves over 800 digital communication channels as well as content production and support from Visual Art for five years. The roll-out will take place during 2021–2022 and covers Blomsterlandet’s 63 stores around Sweden.

Visual Art digitizes the Store and customer experiencer at Blomsterlandet

Visual Art digitizes the Store and customer experiencer at Blomsterlandet

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