02 Dec 2021

Visual Art helps Lyko with its flagship store in Oslo

Lyko has opened a flagship store in central Oslo where Visual Art is responsible for the screen technology that meets the customer around the store. Lyko has one of the market’s clearest concepts around digital communication channels in a store environment. And in the flagship store, there are as many as 17 screens that guide, inspire and help visitors around.


With its 300 square meters, the store in central Oslo is the largest store Lyko has built in Norway. And considering the knowledge and focus on digital screens Lyko themselves have, it’s a bit of a dream customer for a digital signage provider.

– Lyko are incredibly good at using the spaces in the shop correctly. 17 screens on 300 sqm are dense, but it still never becomes intrusive or disturbing. On the contrary, the screens are perfectly placed and integrated so that they become a natural and obvious part of the store space, says Pontus Meijer, Chief Revenue Officer at Visual Art.

Visual Art and Lyko has collaborated for a long time and since this prime location is a major investment for Lyko, a local presence was important.

– For us, it was not just about the technical competence that we know that Visual Art has, but the crucial thing was that they could be there locally, on site and help in the entire construction of the store, says Erica Wredberg, Retail Manager at Lyko.

In total, there are 17 digital communication channels in varying sizes that have been specially adapted for the current store environment. Lyko will also use Visual Arts’ built-in and cloud-based CMS system Signage Player to update the screens continuously on site.

– If you want inspiration on how to best use digital communication channels in the store environment, Lyko is a perfect case. They make perfect use of the surfaces in everything from entrence screens to campaign tables, brand-building information and support in the decision process. In short, there is full focus on conversion directly in the store, concludes Pontus Meijer at Visual Art.


Fore more information:

Tom Thörnblom, Head of Sustainability & Communication, Lyko

Tel +46 72 555 01 90, tom.thornblom@lyko.com

Monika Lindquist, Marketing & Communications Manager, Visual Art
Tel. +46 723 33 23 83, monika.lindquist@visualart.com


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