08 Dec 2022

3 questions to Digital Signage expert Johan Lind

Digital Signage expert Johan Lind has been the CEO of Vertiseit, our industry colleague, för 15 years. With his extensive experience within the field, we’ve asked him about his view on what Digital Signage actually is, what a great solution should contain and what he think will happen in the digital signage industry the coming year.


How would you describe Digital Signage to someone outside the industry?

Digital In-store solutions to enhance the customer experience. It enables more personalized and relevant communication and a more seamless customer journey between online and in-person.


What are the key components in a successful digital signage solution?

Look at the full customer journey to identify how digital solutions can add value. Define a clear purpose for each touchpoint and continue to develop the solution in an agile way.


If you look into the fortune teller, what do you think will happen in the industry in 2023?

I’d love to see progressive initiatives related to digital in-store as a key enabler for a more sustainable retail. We will also see how digital in-store solutions become even more interactive and relevant. This requires a new way of working with the platform architecture, use of data and a more collaborative way of working together with all stakeholders.


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