22 Dec 2022

3 questions to Digital Signage expert Loek Wermenbol

Digital Signage expert Loek Wermenbol is working as Retail Strategy Director at First Impression audiovisual. An industry colleague specialized in audiovisual experience and multi-sensory impact. They are using image, light, sound and even smell to create unique customer experiences.

With his extensive experience within the retail, we’ve asked him about his view on what digital signage is, what a great solution should contain and what he think will happen in the industry the coming year.


How would you describe Digital Signage to someone outside the industry?

Modern day Digital Signage should be described as: facilitating purposeful digital solutions to the physical space


What are the key components in a successful digital signage solution?



Too many solutions are implemented as just a ‘cool’ ad-on.

Without a purpose and a good strategy, it’s hard to measure the ROI


If you look into the fortune teller, what do you think will happen in the industry in 2023?

2023 is going to be a year that is hard to predict. It’s foggy. There will be retailers that will use the crisis as an opportunity to gain an advantage. Others will be delaying or postponing projects. Retail never stops. So the need to ‘keep up’  is urgent. Even more in the transformed landscape after the covid. The physical space has never been more important.


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