15 Feb 2022

Visual Art takes over Smarteyes digital communication channels

Smarteyes has, after procurement, chosen Visual Art as their new supplier for all its digital communication channels. In total, there are about 90 screens in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany.


Digital communication channels are a self-evident part of Smarteyes stores where they are used as a natural part of their media mix. The screens are used both on sidewalks and walkways, to attract both new and existing customers. Inside of the stores, they also get the opportunity to drive sales by showing customers relevant campaigns and information. To facilitate operation and maintenance, Visual Art has now been chosen as the new supplier.


– Visual Art had a big advantage because they could offer installation teams in all our markets. This is an advantage both practically and financially, regardless of whether it concerns upgrading and maintenance of existing stores as well as new establishments, says Jonas Fredriksson, Commercial Manager at Smarteyes.


Visual Arts technologically advanced platform enables 100% remote control of the operation of all screens in Smarteyes stores, something that is both time and cost-efficient.


– From now on, Smarteyes can easily control and adapt the content centrally but can of course still create locally adapted content for individual stores and screens. We look forward to being a part of planned new establishments, says Pontus Meijer, Chief Revenue Officer at Visual Art.


Visual Arts digital signage software Signage Player makes it possible to easily control and manage all content centrally. Through a web-based, template solution, you can also connect additional functionality such as queue number systems and AI solutions that change content automatically on the screens depending on external events or circumstances.


Visual Art logotype