09 Jan 2023

3 questions to Digital Signage expert Maike Frölich

Digital Signage expert Maike Frölich is Visual Art’s Country Manager for Germany. With her extensive experience, we’ve asked her about her view on what digital signage is, what a great solution should contain and what she think will happen in the industry the coming year.


How would you describe Digital Signage to someone outside the industry?

Digital Signage is a dynamic communication channel within the customer journey where you can communicate relevant and attention-grabbing content to your clients on site.


What are the key components in a successful digital signage solution?

Since I started to work in the digital signage industry seven years ago, you cannot – a bit annoying for my friends – walk with me around the city without me recognizing obvious mistakes when it comes to Digital Signage solutions. Not only content or software wise – also when it comes to placement and integration into the shopfitting.

So for me, the main key factor is the strategy behind each screen. It does not need to always be a huge scientific strategy – sometimes simple questions help to find out what’s best for the company and their clients to increase a value for the whole customer journey.

Another key factor to make a digital signage solution successful in the long run and which often gets forgotten is the after service and support: An amazing digital signage solution is nothing worth if it is not working correctly or not updated regularly.


If you look into the fortune teller, what do you think will happen in the industry in 2023?

We were always so impressed how open Scandinavian clients in our headquarter were for pilots and testings compared to our clients in Germany.

In 2023 I hope that the decision processes will get faster, and the companies will be braver when it comes to solutions like data integration or LEDs.

Due to the energy crisis, inflation, sustainability topics it will be also more important than ever to offer smart solutions. We recognize that companies now a days really want to find a partner for their digital solutions and not just a “supplier”.

The focus 2023 will also be to increase the customer experience especially in flagship stores to give customers an impressive and fun experience onsite.


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