03 Jan 2023

3 questions to Digital Signage expert Alberto Cáceres Tejedor

Digital Signage expert Alberto Cáceres Tejedor is the Group CEO of our Spanish industry colleague Trison

With his extensive experience, we’ve asked him about his view on what digital signage is, what a great solution should contain and what he think will happen in the industry the coming year.


How would you describe Digital Signage to someone outside the industry?

Digital Signage enables a company / brand / space to communicate and interact with their customers and guests real-time and in a dynamic way, mainly using audiovisual technology.

It’s the future vs. the past.


What are the key components in a successful digital signage solution?

Understanding the customers’ needs, and developing the projects from ‘A to Z’, making life simpler for customers and end-users.


If you look into the fortune teller, what do you think will happen in the industry in 2023?

We’ll realize that our market is infinite. As it is the need of enhancing Experience in the physical world, with a seamless online-offline transition.


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