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02 Dec 2021

Visual Art helps Lyko with its flagship store in Oslo

Lyko has opened a flagship store in central Oslo where Visual Art is responsible for the screen technology that meets the customer around the store. Lyko has one of the market’s clearest concepts around digital communication channels in a store environment. And in the flagship store, there are as many as 17 screens that guide, inspire and help visitors around.


With its 300 square meters, the store in central Oslo is the largest store Lyko has built in Norway. And considering the knowledge and focus on digital screens Lyko themselves have, it’s a bit of a dream customer for a digital signage provider.

– Lyko are incredibly good at using the spaces in the shop correctly. 17 screens on 300 sqm are dense, but it still never becomes intrusive or disturbing. On the contrary, the screens are perfectly placed and integrated so that they become a natural and obvious part of the store space, says Pontus Meijer, Chief Revenue Officer at Visual Art.

Visual Art and Lyko has collaborated for a long time and since this prime location is a major investment for Lyko, a local presence was important.

– For us, it was not just about the technical competence that we know that Visual Art has, but the crucial thing was that they could be there locally, on site and help in the entire construction of the store, says Erica Wredberg, Retail Manager at Lyko.

In total, there are 17 digital communication channels in varying sizes that have been specially adapted for the current store environment. Lyko will also use Visual Arts’ built-in and cloud-based CMS system Signage Player to update the screens continuously on site.

– If you want inspiration on how to best use digital communication channels in the store environment, Lyko is a perfect case. They make perfect use of the surfaces in everything from entrence screens to campaign tables, brand-building information and support in the decision process. In short, there is full focus on conversion directly in the store, concludes Pontus Meijer at Visual Art.


Fore more information:

Tom Thörnblom, Head of Sustainability & Communication, Lyko

Tel +46 72 555 01 90,

Monika Lindquist, Marketing & Communications Manager, Visual Art
Tel. +46 723 33 23 83,


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02 Nov 2021

Ronald McDonald charity dinner raised 2 million SEK

Visual Art attended to Ronald McDonald’s charity dinner in Stockholm, together with partners working with our McDonald’s Nordic projects. The charity evening was arranged for the benefit of families with seriously ill children with the aim of expanding and building more Ronald McDonald Houses in Sweden. The result was fantastic, 2 million SEK was raised during the evening.

As part of Visual Art’s brand promise, we put people first. And with carefully selected charity initiatives and partnerships we believe that we can contribute to making the world a better place for us all and specifically for the children.

Having a child in hospital is every family’s worst nightmare. By engaging us closely with Ronald McDonald House Charity in Sweden, we are proud to change the lives of families with sick children while in hospital care and though treatments.

– I’m truly proud to engage in this initiative! McDonald’s is a strong friend and contributor to Ronald McDonald’s Charity Houses and their initiatives are important for us. We saw this charity dinner as a great opportunity to invite our partners, that we are working together with in projects with McDonald’s. And to help change the lives of families with sick children, while in hospital care and through though treatments, says Lisa Hemström, Business Manager for McDonald’s Nordic at Visual Art.

Our founder Stefan Noble has been a proud and engaged board member since 2015 and was involved in making the evening successful.

– It was really an emotional evening with a lot of tears, empathy, and laughter. I can’t enough express my gratitude to all the guests and partners who all gave us such amazing energy and generous donations, that will help us build our sixth children house at Karolinska and continue helping more families that have children in need of special treatment away from home. I’m really humbled and moved by all your enthusiasm and big hearts. Thank you! Says Stefan Noble, founder of Visual Art.

The guests could sign up to become a monthly donor

Ronald McDonald House charity is a non-profit charity organization that helps keep families together, close to their children while in hospital. Their vision is that all seriously sick children can live together in a homely and safe environment, close to the hospital with their families close to them.

The mission is to create and support initiatives that have a positive impact on the well-being of sick children, their families and loved ones.

Every year, 3,600 families live in the houses and since the start in 1993, there have been a total of 200,000 family members.

Read more about Ronald McDonald House Charity and how you can help them help families here

If you want to become a monthly donor, visit this site.

30 Sep 2021

How to succeed with your retail strategy

A store is profitable, the store is good. A store runs at a loss, it’s bad. For many brands, stores are still measured solely on profitability where sales are compared with cost per square meter. Of course, there are exceptions that confirm the rule where companies have realized that it is a misleading yardstick, but to prove a point, we generalize a bit.


The wrong thing about measuring profitability per square meter is that we basically don’t always know what makes a retail strategy work and what doesn’t. There is no given answer because brands, just like personalities, are unique. People are not rational and we do not mainly choose products according to relevance, price and time. If we did, there would be no brands competing with each other.

To create successful brands, it must work long-term, strategically and continuously. Companies need to build strong brands for their target audience and ensure that they are constantly relevant. Whether it is about supply or communication messages.

Although it should be quite simple, we have a tendency to make things more complex than they need to be. We do it to justify ourselves. It shall seem more advanced than it is, as we think we are not needed otherwise. An anxiety that affects profitability.

Here are three concrete tips that brands need to work with to succeed with their retail strategy and to drive traffic and sales in your store.


1. Work continuously with the brand

If marketing is like inviting someone on a date, the branding is the reason they say yes. Without the brand’s foundation and stability (and market budget), stores will not be successful in the long run.

All kinds of relationships require continuity. It must become obvious. We fall in love with someone and they fall in love with us. Not with intensity. Not because we remember their birthday or buy a nice gift, but because we do little things every day. We say good morning, we look them in the eye, we ask them about their day, we care.

Brands must be there for their customers. Creating relationships, honesty and continuity are a must for success in the future.


2. Convert in shopping centers 

Say a consumer enters a mall with 220 stores, the visitor may stay for an hour and visit four or five stores. Making a purchase in one or two. And eat once.

Use the digital communication channels the commercial real estate owner often invests in to get the visitor’s attention. The visitor will also pass several areas on their walk through the shopping center, which allows to be seen several times. But it also means that you only have your attention for a short amount of time. Therefore, the copy needs to be simple, short and clear. And the content in general must be attractive and attract attention in the noise.


3. Drive traffic and sales in your store

Once in the store, you need to think about how the customer moves and what you want to achieve. How many seconds do you have? Promotional tables can drive sales by showing the product / price and the products below. Some screen might drive brand and inspiration, some information while the screen behind the checkout drives loyalty membership and the next purchase.

A touch screen at the checkout can act as a sales tool or run e-commerce, without competing on the store’s profitability.



Ultimately, the key to a successful retail strategy is to stop making it so difficult for us. Simplicity, clarity and relevance should permeate everything from marketing to the actual visit and purchase in the store.

If we just stop making it harder than it is, we can promise that more people will succeed with their retail strategy!


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24 Sep 2021

Visual Art söker Teknisk produktägare

Visual Art står inför en spännande resa med nya utmaningar där fokus framöver kommer att ligga mer på utveckling, digitalisering och automatisering.

Har du brinnande intresse för teknik och användbarhet och gillar att agera bryggan mellan utveckling, resten av verksamheten och kund?

Vi söker en digital och teknisk produktägare som hellre gör – och ibland gör fel – än tvekar inför utmaningar.


Om rollen

Som Teknisk produktägare jobbar du både strategiskt och operationellt för att vidareutveckla bolagets digitala plattformar baserat på bästa tekniska praxis och i linje med företagets affärsstrategi.

Vi söker dig som trivs med att arbeta agilt och har goda kunskaper om scrum, användarvänlighet och utmaningar med integrationer mellan olika system.

Du är en del av utvecklingsavdelningen tillsammans med 10+ drivna och skickliga kollegor samt ett flertal konsulter. Du trivs att arbeta tillsammans med blandade kompetenser och ser nyttan av mångfald i grupper. I teamet finns kompetens inom design, UX-design, produktägare samt front end- och back end-utvecklare. Du är en nyckelperson som arbetar med att hålla ihop krav och planering för teamet. För att lyckas i rollen ska du därför trivas med att vara teamets go-to-person. Du arbetar även nära verksamheten, framför allt med sälj- och projektavdelningen, för att hitta tekniska lösningar och driva utvecklingen framåt utifrån deras behov.


Om personen vi söker

Vi söker dig som är en van projektledare inom IT och har kompetens inom webb- och apputveckling. Då mycket av utvecklingen utgår från kund är det avgörande att du har erfarenhet av att jobba mot olika roller hos kund och internt samt att förstå deras arbete utifrån ett kravställningsperspektiv. Du är en kommunikativ och affärsorienterad do:er med analytisk förmåga och sinne för struktur. I teamet passar du om du är lyhörd och samtidigt vågar ta plats. Du drivs av att arbeta med förbättringsarbete, säkerställa leverans till uppsatta mål och ser förändring som något konstant.

Vill du vara med och göra skillnad?

Sök rollen här


Fakta om Visual Art

Visual Art är experter på Digital Signage med huvudkontor i Stockholm och verksamhet i Norden, Tyskland, Spanien och USA. Bolaget startade 1997 och har idag drygt 100 medarbetare. Visual Art är en data-driven och strategisk partner som hjälper kunderna att skapa riktigt affärsvärde och nå deras KPI:er. Det digitala nätverket består av fler än 26,000 ytor på 4,312 platser i 23 länder.

Omsättning: 200 MSEK
Anställda: ca 100 medarbetare i Sverige, Norge, Finland, Danmark, Tyskland, Spanien och USA
Kunder i urval: McDonald’sICAKICKSUnibail-Rodamco-WestfieldCircle K , 7-ElevenSEB och AB Nordiska Kompaniet

17 Sep 2021

Så lyckas du med din retailstrategi

Monika Lindquist, vår Marketing & Communications Director blir intervjuad av Fredrik Widing i det senaste avsnittet av Retailpodden.

De pratar bland annat om:

💡 Hur ska du konvertera besökare till kunder på det mest effektiva och bästa sättet?

💡 Hur skapar man ett långsiktigt och hållbart varumärke?

”Många använder data idag för att mäta sin egen framgång, men de använder inte data för att se vilket beteende sin kund har, som de kanske borde använda det till” säger Monika Lindquist i podden.

Lyssna här:

Kontakta oss om du vill höra hur vi kan hjälpa dig med din retailstrategi.

Monika Lindquist

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