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Future around the corner

Every year, Reitan Convenience gather around 1000 franchisers, suppliers and coworkers to a trade fair. It’s an opportunity to present news and learn from each other.
You can’t build a full-size, modern 7-Eleven for a two-days trade fair. But you can have the visitors exploring it through VR. 


Tobias Lindmark, Concept Manager at 7-Eleven, has recently renovated 7-Eleven at Birger Jarlsgatan 39 in Stockholm. Here, all the new features and solutions are installed – like new cashiers, digital menu boards and a fresh salad bar. During 2018, these solutions are about to roll out in other stores as well. In other words, it’s a store of interest for many of the trade fair’s visitors. But instead of building a full-size, modern 7-Eleven, there was another way to have the visitors exploring the store: Through VR-glasses.


VR has a lot of possibilities – although for beginners, it might come across as a bit too high-tech. Therefore, we developed an application that made it user-friendly. By removing common VR-features such as buttons and different choices, the user only needed to put on the VR-glasses to enter the store at Birger Jarlsgatan 39.

The film itself was recorded with Insta360 8K, and we chose to make it stereoscopic, which practically means that there are two films – one for each eye. This gives the viewer an illusion of more depth, and the “visit” at Birger Jarlsgatan feels even more realistic.


At the trade fair, the VR-store was a great success and made other franchisers crave for all the new concepts and solutions. In this case, the film shows an actual store, but of course it’s also possible to make a VR-film showing solutions and scenarios that aren’t yet reality – most things can be created through 3D, which means that VR actually can help you to realize the future.

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