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Four years of sustainable communication

The Body Shop has a unique way of blending ethical beauty with a sense of humor and serious purpose to the world. With over 3000 stores in 66 countries, they have decided to use business as a force for good. Their key product categories are skincare, bath & body, make-up, gifting and fragrance. All products are 100% vegetarian and made firmly without animal testing.


Back in early 2014, The Body Shop wanted to try out a digital signage solution. The main purpose wasn’t to increase sales. Instead, the focus was on enhancing the in-store experience and spreading their beliefs and work for sustainable beauty.


We developed a concept where The Body Shop could reach their customers in two different zones: “Behind the till” and the “Trend zone”. “Behind the till” is a great way to make big impact. With custom made solutions and strategic placement, the screens are clearly visible for all customers – and in many stores, even not-yet-customers that passes by the entrance. “The trend zone” consists of single, well integrated screens, and is an opportunity to reach the customer with relevant information about the products.

Not only did we find a strong concept – we have been creating content for the different zones since the beginning. Either by using existing material or starting from scratch; everything from 3D animation to filmed branding. We follow The Body Shop’s marketing plan and update the content each month.


What started as a digital signage test has developed into digital signage success. By using digital screens, The Body shop has taken the opportunity to both reduce paper waste and facilitate the daily work for in-store employees. Also, it is been a great way for The Body Shop to reach out with multiple messages at the same place. Their core values are always in center, but some messages are more frequently updated – such as seasonal campaigns and special offers to members.

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