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Gröna Lund

From candy ceiling to safety information

Carousels, concerts and candy-floss – Gröna Lund is a full-featured amusement park in Stockholm, and has been a natural choice of entertainment for 135 years.


As we all know; most long-lived concepts develop by adding the best from the present to their offer. As for now, that would be a digital signage solution that includes and highlights important messages – or simply makes the candy store even funnier to visit.


Our cooperation with Gröna Lund started in 2017, when we installed digital screens in the ceiling of their candy store. To give the visitors that candy-magical Willy Wonka feeling when entering, all screens were filled with sweet content produced by Gröna Lund’s inhouse-team, such as “raining candy”.

In 2018, our mission got bigger: 16 screens were to be filled with relevant content. Some of them had a marketing purpose, others needed to communicate safety information about a specific attraction. Our software VA Player were installed in all screens, making it possible to smoothly adapt all the content. VA Player can also connect with other services – like Spotify, that runs in the installation located at the music attraction Pop Expressen.

We also installed new screens in the popular fast food-area Panorama: hardware, software and our CMS, making it possible for the staff to update the menus with new items, prices and special deals – such as The Artist Burger when a concert’s coming up. It’s also possible to schedule different content depending on the current target group.


It’s possible that there’s no better start than a candy ceiling – however, our cooperation has grown into something way bigger. Our work and installations 2018 guided Gröna Lund’s visitors the whole season, and now we’re making plans for the future. In our pipeline lies menu boards for the fast-food area Mexican Corner, and a similar solution for Reef Burger at Skara Sommarland. In addition to that, we’re looking at a digital signage strategy for all the Parks & Resorts theme parks.

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