ICA is the leading grocery retailer in Sweden. With more than 1 300 stores nation-wide ICA Sweden have approximately 14 million customer visits per week.


ICA is made up of several different types of stores, from big ICA MAXI super markets to the local ICA Nära. Unneeded to say, the retailers have different needs when it comes to offers and screen content.
Together with ICA, Visual Art defined a digital signage channel that position screens and communications according to the customer journey.


With this concept the media channel is as relevant as possible through the customer journey in-store.

In-store media channel

Individually designed placement, size and format is key for reaching the right visibility, recognition and effect in every store. Thanks to our dynamic content system, narrowcasting – custom content for each screen is made possible.

Example areas:

  • Racetrack
  • Fruit and Veg
  • Deli/Demo
  • Bread
  • Health & Beauty

Content Management System

The CMS is highly advanced and developed in close collaboration with ICA’s team. It provides functions as:

  • Differentiate content in different zones within stores
  • Differentiate content in different formats (from hypermarkets to small urban stores)
  • Ability to narrowcast – What is relevant in northern Sweden and south end will vary according to season
  • Ability to broadcast – Big campaigns in all stores at the same time
  • Ability to send ad-space for ICA Supplier (All, formats, zones, etc)
  • Ability for data triggers like weather, price reductions in real time (campaign price set but local pricing per store)
  • Content types – Both templates, inspiring content, local etc. Templates to lower cost for reoccurring content and content types to provide relevant mix in all loops.



Today Visual Art is full-service provider to ICA, delivering digital strategy, concept, content production, CMS development, procurement of hardware, roll-out, scheduling and broadcast, quality check and support.

The effects of communication and conversion as well as cost reduction are KPIs that ICA work with to continuously increase performance and ensure quality. As a provider of digital signage in-store strategy, content and CM- solution, we help ICA fulfill these KPIs, every day.

Our dynamic content system enables narrowcasting – custom content for different screen.

Since 2008 Visual Art has collaborated with ICA, and has among other things developed a digital media channel – ICA Butiks TV to increase the customer experience in-store .

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