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Step into the future with ICA

Visual Art is a full service digital signage provider to ICA, one of the leading retail companies in the Nordic region with core business in grocery retail.



ICA is the largest food retailer in Sweden with more than 1 300 stores nation-wide and visited by 10 million shoppers per week. ICA is made up of several different types of stores, from big ICA MAXI super markets to the local ICA Nära. Unneeded to say, the retailers have different needs when it comes to offers and screen content. ICAs current solution grew more and more complex due to different content types and a system built for broadcasting. A more future proof design needed to be implemented.



Together with ICA we are taking the next steps in digital signage for retailers. A game changer is the possibility of narrowcasting as opposed to broadcasting. In narrowcasting we can reach further in tailor made content for every screen. Individually designed placement, size and format is key for reaching the right visibility, recognition and effect in every store. With our dynamic content system, we can identify local triggers such as weather, customer ID, segmentations and more. Together with bigger screens and a more relevant in-store customer journey we have achieved the following results.



+144% higher attention compared to traditional signs
+20% higher up-sales
+55% higher visibility in products

Visual Art is a full-service provider to ICA, delivering digital strategy, concept, content production, procurement of hardware, roll-out, scheduling and broadcast by the software VA Player, quality check and support.

Sources: Retail Academics Research Institute

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