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The Visual Art Liveboard is a business performance app that gives you the data you need – when you need it.

Dashboard Solution

Our Liveboard solution was initiated by Operations in McDonald’s Sweden.

The target audience are Owner Operators and the Operations hierarchy.

The assignment for Visual Art was to simplify the old time consuming process of collecting and sharing data from different systems. Another objective was to get the users to focus on a combination of the most important areas and visualize how high results in customer experience will also generate great results in sales.

Liveboard features

  • Live sales for each location
  • Historic comparison on sales figures
  • Dashboard overview
  • Product mix
  • Service times
  • Customer satisfaction scores

Liveboard presents data in an

easy to grasp manner in your smartphone or apple watch, providing an instant control of your sales and customer flow.

Visual Art Liveboard collects data from several database sources as well as live sales directly from the POS system in the restaurant.

Delivering real time sales for each restaurant location as well as a summary total of all your restaurants.

In a unique tipping point of technology we create seamless solutions that’s easy to manage.

Our products maximizes efficiency and creates better customer experience.

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