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We are the perfect business partner for McDonald’s in providing a future-proof digital menu board service. It is an end- to-end standard solution that can be tailor-made for your specific digital menu board needs. We have the most extensive and comprehensive DMB experience within the McDonald’s system and we are a long-term trusted partner to McDonald’s. Our service includes flexible options for your needs and market! This will describe all functions we offer for an end-to-end Digital Menu Board solution.

Building Brand and Business

Building brand value through a more modern experience is a large goal for McDonald’s on a global scale. Visual Art provides a digital journey for McDonald’s customers, but we also add a flexible and responsive content solution that enables individual franchisees, marketing departments and management to receive the solutions they need when prioritizing their sales initiatives.

Proven to drive sales

Simply put, we are proven to help steer and increase your POP sales. Visual Art works together with other stakeholders to provide the best solutions for McDonald’s POP with outside communication in mind. We also enter the creative process with stake holders at the beginning phases to better contribute sales, design and motion solutions for the in-store POP. In doing this we can begin to dictate our Digital Menu Board Sales infinitives, profitability and motion solutions in earlier stages. We also track analytics straight through POS in live time via Va Liveboard. This allows us to see how our solutions are working in the actual market and gives us valuable insights on how to communicate better to McDonald’s customers.

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We blend cutting edge technological expertise with innovative creative talent, to give a holistic service within digital communication on all levels

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