Transforming the digital office experience for SEB

Founded in 1856 by André Oscar Wallenberg, SEB is one of Sweden’s four largest banks and a financial group for corporate customers, institutions and private individuals with a vision to deliver world-class service.


Between 2017–2018 SEB collected big parts of its operations in Sweden’s largest newly built office with a focus on sustainability. About 4 500 SEB employees from different offices moved into the 97 000 sqm office in Arenastaden, Stockholm.

SEB engaged Visual Art to transform the digital office experience, and provide employees and visitors with up to date information and inspiration as they move around in the three interconnected buildings that function as one – aiming to increase collaboration and efficiency. The digital solutions are embedded into the architecture and enhance the work environment with art and information.


In close collaboration with the SEB team, Visual Art worked across business disciplines to design a digital communication service to plan, create and distribute content. We helped SEB to transform the building into a visionary and innovative office, giving high end digital service to both employees and visitors.

Each department and facility has specific needs of why, how, what and when they want to communicate with colleagues and visitors. Therefore, Visual Art did a comprehensive analysis and categorization of SEB:s needs, messages and channels for internal and external communication. Combining those results with analyzing how people move and behave in the building, the digital service was designed and born. It is a digital service that increase collaboration, efficiency and spontaneous meetings between the bank’s various departments.

The foundation of the communication is based on the functional and emotional need that you should feel informed, inspired, affinity and participation.

Visual Art’s work includes digital strategy, communication concept, interaction design, visual design, CMS development and templates, delivery of software, hardware and service support. Content is designed for 110 digital screens, interactive touch screens, a 9 sqm LED wall and a 128 sqm mega LED wall.


Employees and visitors are better informed and up to date with what happens in the building, within the SEB Group and the world outside of SEB. The communication inspires and increases the feeling of being part of a visionary and innovative company. It opens up to collaboration and creates a strong feeling of togetherness and participation. Last but not least, it simplifies the way information is planned, created and distributed.

Mega LED

The 128 sqm media wall is a natural and integrated part of the building with the greatest respect for the delicate architecture. The media wall transform itself – from being invisible by using digitized ash wood panels into a series of different worlds based on a variety of themes. The ambition is to create a memorable experience for both employees and visitors.

Communication Service

SEB wanted an effective way to meet and communicate with their employees and visitors. With a user friendly CMS, hundreds of screens and touch screens in the building, a unique communication service was designed.

Data Wall

A narrative was developed to visualize SEB business data transactions with information graphics.

Nature shades of green

By bringing films of green nature into the building a feeling of calmness was created.

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Visual Art logotype