Signage Player

Signage Player is a cloud based solution that works seamlessly with Samsung Tizen, LG Web OS and Microsoft 7 & 10

Signage Player main features

  • Central and local scheduling
  • Videos/Images
  • Templates
  • Broadcast
  • Drag ‘n’ drop content
  • Playlist sorting
  • Monitoring
  • Dayparts

User friendly interface


Easy to set-up, use and manage. You don’t need an IT-team to use our Signage Player


You don’t need an external PC. Signage Player works seamlessly with Samsung Tiden, LG Web OS and Microsoft 7 & 10

100% control

By using Signage Player you are in full control of your digital fleet. You know when a screen needs support and it’s secure

Scheduling and planning

  • Date / specific weekday / time – scheduling
  • Broadcast playlists
  • Select all, some or specific screens

Platform compatibility

  • Samsung Tizen (SSSP 4.0)
  • LG WEB-OS (3.0)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 & 10


  • Screen and computer
    • On/off status
    • Correct input source
    • Backlight OK
    • Temperature
    • Status alarms
  • Player can be remotely controlled
  • Player monitored for both hardware & software issues
  • All players are patched and updated automatically (OS and Player software)

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