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Va Player

How to manage content is a central part of the digital signage service. For effective management of content, we use our digital media platform that has functions like the Work In Progress approval module – a highly appreciated function in the system.


We developed Content Management Systems for our display channels for easy control of content and checking that everything is running smoothly. With our digital signage system, you get live real-time feedback so you can see exactly what is showing on a single display unit anywhere in the world at any given moment.

Tailor your content for specific targets, get live feeds and proof of play – all at your fingertips via our simple purpose-built interfaces. The system monitors content, screen performance and gives you power over your content channels and feeds.

Key features

• The VA Player was developed to be a 24/7 stable play-out
• Windows based platform
• Secure and supervised 24/7, all parts in solution are monitored
• Connects with DMP-server
• Support for interactivity, e.g. for use in kiosk applications
• Support for use with templates Support for local override to other approved content (if allowed)
• Environmental friendly. Equipment is automatically switched off 
during non-business hours
• Statistics and automated reporting.


We blend cutting edge technological expertise with innovative creative talent, to give a holistic service within digital communication on all levels.

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