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Whyred Interactive Wall Remote

Together with Ombori and Microsoft, Visual Art created the Whyred Interactive Wall Remote: a customer experience totally based on QR code interaction and accelerator technique. These two combined gives the customer power to ”take over” the screen with his or hers own smartphone.


Digital signage doesn’t necessarily equal a fixed message at a certain time and place. The content possibilities are huge, as are the variety of functions and smart features we can provide an installation with. The Whyred-case started with an insight: The smartphone is becoming more and more important for shoppers of today – inspiration, information and online shopping are natural parts of our buying patterns. We decided to combine this behavior with physical in-store experience.



To raise the attention and drag customers towards the screen, the Wake On Face-function is activated as soon as a customer approaches. By scanning the QR code, the smartphone becomes a remote app, with which one can flick through fashion content in big format, online. New arrivals, men’s or women’s fashion – after choosing a category, a new outfit will show once the customer flicks the phone. And when finding the right outfit, this can be chosen and bought right away – or later, if preferred.

As an add-on, we’ve also placed the QR Touch Board in the store. Here, the customer is guided through different looks, but can also explore the full online range and buy items right away – or save them for later. A great feature not least when it comes to the in-store storage area, since it might be more sizes and colors available online. The QR code is integrated and updated with each new look. By simply scanning it, the customers get to the right items and can bring the experience and shopping cart with them, even when leaving the physical store.


We have created a cool Xover in-store experience, which seamlessly leads into the world of online fashion and shopping. It creates a smooth feeling of modern smartness, just in line with the beloved Swedish fashion brand itself. This is only the beginning of the ecosystem forming next generation of retail. The future consists of several exciting innovations, many yet to be explored – and don’t worry, we’re on it!

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