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Digital Signage

Emily Lindqvist

Head of Design Studio

Pontus Meijer

Chief Revenue Officer

Anders Hansson

Sales Director Europe

Henrik Järnefelt

Partner & Vice President, Visual Art USA Inc

Monika Lindquist

Marketing & Insight Manager

Andreas Ström

Business Director Europe

Sofie Norrmén Uppfeldt

Business Director Sweden

Andreas von Pongrácz

Vice President, Visual Art USA Inc

Lisa Hemström

Key Account Manager

Patrik Sundberg

Key Account Manager

Camilla Ullberg

Key Account Manager

Martin Steinmann

Key Account Manager

Mauritz Tillberg

Key Account Manager

Henrik West

Key Account Manager

Gustav Ståhl

Business Manager

Anton Jarl

Account Manager

Maike Frölich

Country Manager - Germany

+ 49 40 5589 852 0

Rasmus Langbjerg

Country Manager - Denmark

Albin Larsson

Business Manager - Spain
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