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We design, produce, install, broadcast and operate digital signage systems and have our business solutions running in 24 countries. Through our cloud platform, we broadcast and monitor more than 25.000 digital screens 24/7.

Digital Signage Insight & Facts


Craving moving content

Incremental sales uplift of 40% by adding craving content on menu board.


Sales uplift activity daypart

Increased average check of 56% by activating offer during specific day-part.


Incremental average check

Incremental average check sales uplift of 10% when installing Digital Signage.


Higher attention

144% higher attention compared to traditional signs 50% extended viewing time.

Ivan Ström

Chairman & owner operator McDonald´s Sweden

“Visual Art as a supplier for McDonald´s Sweden feels more like a part of our company. They solve potential problems directly and always look for next solution to help us sell more.“

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