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Digital Signage Solutions

Future-proof digital signage solutions

Digital Menu Board Solutions

Highlighted products and moving content –  Visual Art digital menu board solutions make the most of your menu. We have integrated with the client’s POS system, facilitate live data feeds and have tailor-made add-ons to fit the modern business needs of the today’s Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. What you see is what you get – and the digital menu board helps you show just the right items. Depending on day, time and weather, your customers crave for different things – dynamic connections enable the menu board to display the right products at the right time.

In-store media solutions

Within the store, digital signage is one of the last channels with which to influence purchasing. Therefor its of great importance that the communication is placed in the right context. We design to fit in with our clients in-store merchandising, brand values and also give dynamic content to inspire their customers. This gives a powerful communication channel that is always relevant.

Wayfinding solutions

Visual Art wayfinding solutions informs customers at strategic points and guides them into the right directions. Solutions have been installed in retail environments and in public out of home locations.

Coorporate Solutions

Visual Art corporate signage solutions are developed for internal communications services, enabling companies to display relevant information as well as dynamic content like weather services, news feeds, social media updates throughout the office. The easy-to-use app with a few selected templates helps editors to change and update information and push out important messages and events, quickly and smoothly.

Drive thru solutions

Visual Art outdoor menu boards for drive thru simplifies operations and improves speed, as well as customer experience. The displays are certified to withstand the elements in outdoor environments. Heat and cold, dust or snow; our solutions provide excellent visibility around the clock, even in high ambient light conditions. Using VA Player and the built-in Samsung Tizen platform, no external PC is needed.

Interactive kiosk solutions

Visual Art touch kiosk solutions are smart and effective tools to engage customers in the retail environment. They provide customers with immediate access to information and online webshop and are designed to quickly and seamlessly assist consumers throughout the visit. Our interactive kiosk solutions simplifies the customer’s decision journey and enhances customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs.

Case design

Visual Art´s design department creates stylish and modern case designs. The designs have a wide range of options in both materials and looks which enhances the experience and makes them harmonize beautifully with the environment.


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