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The visual art experience at Huddle


Visual Art Experience Center travels exclusively to Mindshare's Huddle event

We are so happy that Mindshare Sweden invited us to attend and contribute at the Huddle event early September this year. The theme was Man vs. Machine and we played with various technical functions in harmony with 360 rich content. The scenario was Travel in Mind and Space, where the travelers also shared their experience with friends through Instagram posts that were published on a public screen as a Movie poster. Playing with technical innovation and creativity is always a challenge but when executed to full its like a digital dream.


HUDDLE/verb/ hud.del / to come close together in a group

HUDDLE is a full day of inspiration for Mindshares clients, prospects and staff. There are e a number of HUDDLEs (for instance debates, think tanks and workshops) and CUDDLEs (explore and experience tech and other fun stuff on your own) taking place simultaneously in various rooms.

There is no set format!

A Mindshare HUDDLE is not an ordinary conference. It is an anti-conference. At a conference you sit and listen to someone on stage telling you how it is. At HUDDLE, you set the agenda, your opinion counts, you are in charge.



  • Nine Samsung 75” big screens with full HD
  • VA Player Application as media player
  • VA Suite – As cloud platform with integration to Instagram
  • VA Sync – Synchronization of all content over multiple screens
  • Side by Side mounted for digital canvas impression.

Our friends were able to choose from a variety of different experiences ranging from swimming with dolphins, a boat ride through Venice, wave surfing in the clear blue water, going on safari looking at lions and elephants, hang-gliding in the alps, visiting concerts, taking a crazy ride on the rollercoaster and much much more.


To make the experience more comfortable we shipped in 20,000 white pool balls that our friends could swim around in, play with or just relax in.

To be dressed the right way for an adventure is always important so we made sure participants could dress accordingly with helmets, goggles, hats and other stuff.

See you soon again. We had a blast!

//The Visual Art Team

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