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18 May

New shopping malls to be digitized

During this spring, Visual Arts’ DOOH network has grown with several shopping malls and gallerias around Sweden. Arkaden in the center of Gothenburg, St: Per gallerian in Uppsala and in the middle of Nyköping, Axet. Furthermore, Bergvik in Karlstad, Värmland’s largest trading venue. This week the stylish Hansa mall in the middle of Malmö was added to the list and in September we are pleased to contribute to the brand new Mölndal Galleria as it opens!


Arkaden, Gothenburg

St Pers, Uppsala

Axet, Nyköping

Bergvik, Karlstad

Hansa, Malmö

Mölndal Galleria





07 May

Finally we are live in Times Square


A new tech solution, H&M Voice Interactive Mirror, is now running live in the worlds’ largest H&M Flagship store at Times Square, NYC. Together with Microsoft, H&M and Ombori, Visual Art has developed a customer experience totally based on voice and face recognition – this technique gives the mirror power to answer to the customers’ demand. It is a one of a kind solution, exclusively found in this particular store.

The ”smart mirror” interacts with the customer by voice and Face recognition, and gives him or her an opportunity to take a Cover-selfie, which then is displayed as a unique, digital ”My” H&M cover. One can also experience Fashion Inspiration: Here, the mirror gives outfit suggestions which the customer can choose to buy right away.

All the mirror shopping comes with a special mirror discount, when the customer also signs up for H&M’s newsletter – this is easily done by scanning a QR code that leads to H&M Online.

Since the mirror is driven by Voice & Face recognition, this technique along with the QR codes are central parts of the mirrors’ ecosystem. It creates an up to date customer experience and blurs the distionctions between the physical store and online shopping.

The mirror shows terrific numbers: Each day, several covers are made and customers gets inspired by the outfits. And the conversion rate is remarkable: 86% of all the selfie takers also scanned the QR code, and 10 % of all the scanned QR codes has turned into a newsletter subscriber.

27 Apr

Visual Art is awarded Best Innovation Campaign at MIXX Awards with Halebop

Team: Visual Art, Wavemakerglobal, Perfect Fools. Client: Halebop

This solution builds on dynamic connections: Our software VA Player connects with Trafikverket’s API, and whenever a train is delayed, the screens knows. The software reads all the information we need to automatically change the message to current departures – where the trains are heading and if they’re running late. All this makes it easy to broadcast location- and time-based messages, and makes it possible for Halebop to offer commuters a way to make the most of their waiting time.

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