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05 Apr

Two nominations in Stockholm Media Award!

Two nominations of nine in the category “Campaign of the year” in StockholmMediaAward! The competing media campaigns are judged on the basis of insight of the environment, behavior, target group, strategy, media solution and results. The winners are appointed during StockholmMediaWeek, May 8–9 at China Theater in Stockholm.

Advertiser/campaign: McDonald’s / Beat the Heat
Media agency: OMD
Involved partners: Visual Art


Advertiser/campaign: Svenska Spel / Oddset – TheJanneWalk
Media agency: OMD
Involved partners: Perfect Fools och Visual Art

29 Mar

Grand opening of Kongahälla Center

The new shopping destination, located 20 minutes outside Gothenburg, offers 100 shops, restaurants and service, on an area of ​​38,000 square meters. To enhance the shopping experience, Visual Art is proud to offer Kongahälla’s customers both wayfinding and commercial DOOH surfaces that guide, inform and inspire.

22 Mar

Digital footprints on Finnish soil – 16 centers in 11 cities

After entering Finland the progress for Visual Art on the DOOH-market has been very positive. Visual Art can now offer its customers a network covering large parts of the Finnish region from Ideapark in the west, to Seppä in central Finland and Paasati in the southeast. In Helsinki, three new shopping centers have been digitized, Saari, Redi and Kluuvi. Another ten establishments are planned during 2019 so stay tuned!

REDI Shopping, Helsinki.


21 Mar

Three nominations for the Janne Walk-campaign

• Guldägget: Category – Outdoor
• IAB Mixx Awards: Category – Best campaign Innovation
• Gyllene Hjulet Event: Category – Most creative solution

To coach Janne Andersson, manager of the Swedish national football team, with insights and comments about how Sweden would win the championship 2018, we put up digital out of home units along his path to work. Campaign for Oddset created with Perfect fools and OMD.

Client: Oddset/Svenska spel
Advertising agency: Perfect Fools
Media agency: OMD

Read more

16 Mar

Rapid establishment in Germany

In the end of December Visual Art signed a significant DOOH partnership agreement with Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Germany. The agreement encompassed 400 DOOH-surfaces in 15 shopping centers in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf and other German cities. Our concept with scalable solutions and smooth installations has proven itself to be successful – three months later 11 out of 15 shopping centers have been digitized!

Night time at Pasing Arcaden, Munich.

04 Feb

Visual Art national partner of FIS Alpine World Ski Championships

Visual Art is a proud national partner of the Alpine World Championships 2019, which runs between 4-17 February in Åre, Sweden. During 12 busy days, the world’s best alpine skiers from 70 nations will see new world champions crowned in downhill, super-G, giant slalom, slalom, alpine combined and the alpine team event.

We are happy to state that one of the objectives of Åre 2019 is to stage the championships with great respect for the environment. The 2019 edition will be the first climate neutral FIS Alpine World Ski Championships.



  • Over 70 participating nations
  • 600 competitors
  • Åre 2019 is estimating 120,000 visitors
  • 1500 media representatives on site
  • 600 television hours
  • 700 million television Viewers

Photo: Lisa Johansson

25 Jan

Kicks Flagship Store – Grand Opening in Stockholm

KICKS fourth Flagship Store in Gallerian, with digital signage concept delivered by Visual Art.

KICKS have found the perfect location for their flagship store in Gallerian in Stockholm. The fourth in order, after Gothenburg, Oslo and Malmö. With an area of 1500 Square meters, in three floors, it is the chain’s greatest store ever.

The goal is to take customer experience to the next level with a wide range of products, beauty treatments and digital inspiration.

(Photo: KICKS)

21 Jan

Local weather conditions in Sweden trigger programmatic campaign for TUI

]The world’s leading travel agent TUI, has during January chosen to use the flexibility of Visual Art’s programmatic offer. The solution is customized in order to maximize flexibility and relevance. Local weather data, triggers specific campaign messages based on real-time conditions.

There are several ways to increase relevance – and by doing that, create more efficient ads.

Certain times and outer factors affect people’s needs, wants and demands.

Read more about out programmatic offers

10 Jan

Visual Art enters major partnership with URW Germany

Visual Art takes a giant expansion leap on the German market, having signed a significant DOOH partnership agreement with Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield encompassing 15 shopping centers. By exporting the Swedish Digital Out of Home success concept, Visual Art adds another important layer to the established digital signage offering in Germany.

After having eliminated some of the German market’s established DOOH giants, Visual Art won the tender and look forward to a fruitful partnership.

– We are of course very honored and excited over the fact that Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, with whom we already have a successful Swedish partnership, entrusts us with a major market as Germany. It goes to show that our history of revolutionizing and disrupting the OOH-market is internationally valid. Introducing our DOOH concept in Germany is an important step in our international expansion, says Andreas Lind, CEO, Visual Art Group.


The agreement spans between 2019–2023 and encompasses 15 popular shopping centers in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf and other German cities.

400 DOOH-surfaces are to be established and it effectively means Visual Art will be responsible for a substantial part of the German DOOH-market. Read more

(Photo: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield)

17 Dec

Visual Art consolidates its leading position in DOOH

During the autumn, Visual Arts’ DOOH network has grown with several shopping malls and gallerias around Sweden. Recently, agreements were signed with Stadsrum Fastigheter and Adapta Fastigheter to develop, deploy and provide DOOH-sales for four shopping centers. Visual Art establishes both wayfinding and commercial DOOH surfaces and adds up to 40 new screens in Örebro, Västerås and Kungälv.

” With equal parts of humility and confidence, we can state that so many property owners see our offer as the market’s most interesting, innovative and delivery-proof. With these partnerships, we further expand our reach and at the same time provide real estate owners with DOOH and top-class wayfinding solutions, “says Hoss Khosravi, CRO, Visual Art.

Estimated sales start for Krämaren and Vågen in Örebro is March 2019 and Igor in Västerås is expected to be included in the media offering starting May 2019. For the brand new center Kongahälla, sales starts as it opens in March 2019.

Kongahälla, Kungälv (Photo: Adapta Fastigheter/RStudio)

06 Dec

Visual Art digitizes Aalborg – Denmark’s fastest growing airport

For more than 1,6 million annual travelers, Alborg Lufthavn, Denmark’s third largest airport, is the direct route to Copenhagen and about 40 other destinations. In 2019, these business and leisure travelers will be greeted by relevant and inspiring commercial messages and promotional activities provided by Visual Art/City Media .

Rikke Mølgaard, Sales and Marketing Director at Aalborg Airport, says: “Aalborg Airport is experiencing substaincial growth and we are pleased to meet travelers with relevant and inspiring commercial messages and promotional activities after the New Year. The campaigns will contribute positively to the good atmosphere at the airport and, in collaboration with Visual Art/City Media, we have chosen solutions that fit well with the architectural frameworks that characterize the airport’.

She continues: “We have chosen Visual Art/City Media because they provide a full-service package solution and handle everything from everything from screen and software implementation, as well as sales and marketing. At the same time, they have a highly creative team that can help advertisers to develop concepts and strategies as well as produce films and animations for the screens”.

Pia Petersen, CEO of Visual Art/City Media in Denmark, is also excited: “”We are proud and happy that Aalborg Airport has chosen us as their partner. The airports’ new intelligent digital network gives advertisers outstanding opportunities to create visually powerful and engaging campaigns that can be adapted to season, weather, traveler’s arrivals, etc. Therefore, each passenger will experience more relevant advertising and less noise on their way through the airport”, says Pia Petersen

For more information please contact:
Pia Pederson, CEO Visual Art/City Media
+45 70 206 205

Photo: Aalborg Airport



09 Nov

Visual Art awarded Gasell 2018

The Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri specializes in business news and annually assigns the fastest growing companies in Sweden DI Gasell. In order to be appointed, it requires that the company has had continuous growth over the past three financial years, and has more than doubled the revenue or gross profit in that same period. And furthermore, that the company has grown substantially organically and has overall healthy finances.




29 Oct

Visual Art Programmatic offer 2.0

Visual Art takes further steps within the programmatic area and opens Sweden’s largest DOOH network for permanent programmatic trade. The ambition is always to be in the forefront and herby offer an industry leading structure for programmatic trade of Digital Out Of Home media.

Visual Art began the development of a programmatic structure about three years ago and have now reached a point when it’s time to open up the inventory for permanent programmatic trade. The purpose is simply to maximize access to Sweden’s largest Digital Out Of Home inventory, for those buyers who prefer to trade programmatically. Read more



22 Oct

Visual Art partner of Sweden Urban Arena

Sweden Urban Arena, a national meeting place for stakeholders within shopping malls and city trade, retail, food & beverage and urban development. Arranged by Svenska Stadskärnor, Sveriges Centrumutvecklare and the NCSC (Nordic Council of Shopping Centers).


The purpose is to merge property owners, municipalities, retailers, center developers and urban planners to promote the development of tomorrow’s meeting and trading venues. The goal; a living, attractive and well-integrated in a community where people live and work.


05 Oct

McDonald’s uses Digital Signage and DOOH to spread knowledge about dyslexia

We are proud that McDonald’s utilizes the benefits of DOOH and Digital Signage to spread knowledge about dyslexia, reading- and writing difficulties. And, of course, we are pleased that this important campaign by Nord DDB is featured in the media. 


The menu board take over marked World Dyslexia Awareness Day at McDonald’s restaurants throughout Sweden.

Video by Nord DDB Stockholm.

02 Oct

Visual Art/City Media awarded with the Gazelle 2018

The Danish newspaper’Børsen’ specializes in business news and each year they award companies that have had continuous growth over the past four financial years, and has more than doubled the revenue or gross profit in that period. Visual Art/City Media has hereby been awarded the Gazelle statue for the second consecutive year.


For more information please contact:
Pia Pederson, CEO Visual Art/City Media
+45 70 206 205



31 Aug

Visual Art expands in Denmark – Digitizes Billund Airport

Billund Airport has a passenger terminal which is designed to handle 3,5 million passengers a year. In a couple of months, travelers will be greeted by 36 attractive digital screens, where advertisers can expose their messages.

“Digital campaigns combined with events and traditional advertising will make the airport a more attractive, vibrant and comfortable place for travelers to stay in, says Claus Christiansen,” Commercial Manager at Billund Airport.

Pia Pedersen, CEO at Visual Art/City Media is proud and pleased with the cooperation.” It is our stated strategy to grow and further develop our portfolio of attractive areas – and with Billund Airport, advertisers will get a great opportunity to reach holiday and business travelers,” she says.

“We have chosen Visual Art/City Media, since they were the strongest in sales and consulting combined with digital know-how and creative insight,” says Claus Christiansen, Commercial Manager at Billund Airport.

For more information please contact:
Pia Pederson, CEO Visual Art/City Media
+45 70 206 205

Photo: Billund Airport



03 Aug

Visual Art digitizes Gröna Lund


Blending new technology without disconnecting the soul and roots of the 18th century amusement park. Digital Signage installations include Safety Information for roller-coasters, Spotify connections via VA Player, playfully built menu board casings to align with the traditional look in a fresh way, adjustable CMS depending on target audience and a progressive take on a candy store ceiling.


05 Jul

H&M Voice Interactive Mirror takes the world by storm


We are so proud of the H&M Voice Interactive Mirror, it is running live in the world’s largest H&M Flagship store at Times Square, NYC. In addition to attracting crowds in Times Square, as of july 2018 the Voice Interactive Mirror has reached over 100.000.000 people through global media coverage. Created by Visual Art, Microsoft, H&M and Ombori.

04 Jul

Stockholm’s Södra Station is the latest addition to Visual Art’s Digital Out of Home offer

With over 250.000 visits per week, Södra Station a great place to reach out. The property is owned by Stettin AB and was awarded the ROT-price in 2018.

25 Jun

Visual Art digitizes the Finnish shopping center Pasaati

Top-quality brands, delicious food, friendly and easy service , and now modern and relevant communication solutions; digital screens, LED and wayfinding. All ingredients to put the customers in a good mood!

Pasaati a diverse shopping centre right in the heart of the city of Kotka, the 2nd largest in south-east Finland.

20 Jun

Live stream from the World Cup at McDonald’s

Live broadcast of the World Cup matches at McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden becomes a reality through Visual Art’s smart digital media platform.


In addition to digital menu boards in Sweden’s all McDonald’s restaurants, Visual Art offers digital signage solutions such as “the Lobby channel” were brand communication  strengthens the relationship with customers and continue to build sale. On these screens McDonald’s restaurant guests have the opportunity to see World Cup matches live while they are enjoying their meal.

18 Jun

Whyred – Flick For Fashion


We have created a cool Xover in-store experience, which seamlessly leads into the world of online fashion and shopping. It creates a smooth feeling of modern smartness, just in line with the beloved Swedish fashion brand itself. The solution is now running live at Whyred’s Flagship store in Bibliotekstan, a high-fashion district right in the heart of Stockholm. Visit the store and try it out!

Together with Ombori and Microsoft, Visual Art created the Whyred Interactive Wall Remote: a customer experience totally based on QR code interaction and accelerator technique. These two combined gives the customer power to ”take over” the screen with his or hers own smartphone.  Learn more

18 May

New shopping malls to be digitized

During this spring, Visual Arts’ DOOH network has grown with several shopping malls and gallerias around Sweden. Arkaden in the center of Gothenburg, St: Per gallerian in Uppsala and in the middle of Nyköping, Axet. Furthermore, Bergvik in Karlstad, Värmland’s largest trading venue. This week the stylish Hansa mall in the middle of Malmö was added to the list and in September we are pleased to contribute to the brand new Mölndal Galleria as it opens!


Arkaden, Gothenburg (Photo: Vasakronan)

St Pers, Uppsala (Photo:Skandia Fastigheter)

Axet, Nyköping (Photo: Stadsrum Fastigheter)

Bergvik, Karlstad (Photo: Eurocommercial)

Hansa, Malmö (Photo: Areim Fastigheter)

Mölndal Galleria (Photo:Citycon)





07 May

Finally we are live in Times Square


A new tech solution, H&M Voice Interactive Mirror, is now running live in the worlds’ largest H&M Flagship store at Times Square, NYC. Together with Microsoft, H&M and Ombori, Visual Art has developed a customer experience totally based on voice and face recognition – this technique gives the mirror power to answer to the customers’ demand. It is a one of a kind solution, exclusively found in this particular store.

The ”smart mirror” interacts with the customer by voice and Face recognition, and gives him or her an opportunity to take a Cover-selfie, which then is displayed as a unique, digital ”My” H&M cover. One can also experience Fashion Inspiration: Here, the mirror gives outfit suggestions which the customer can choose to buy right away.

All the mirror shopping comes with a special mirror discount, when the customer also signs up for H&M’s newsletter – this is easily done by scanning a QR code that leads to H&M Online.

Since the mirror is driven by Voice & Face recognition, this technique along with the QR codes are central parts of the mirrors’ ecosystem. It creates an up to date customer experience and blurs the distionctions between the physical store and online shopping.

The mirror shows terrific numbers: Each day, several covers are made and customers gets inspired by the outfits. And the conversion rate is remarkable: 86% of all the selfie takers also scanned the QR code, and 10 % of all the scanned QR codes has turned into a newsletter subscriber.

27 Apr

Visual Art is awarded Best Innovation Campaign at MIXX Awards with Halebop

Team: Visual Art, Wavemakerglobal, Perfect Fools. Client: Halebop

This solution builds on dynamic connections: Our software VA Player connects with Trafikverket’s API, and whenever a train is delayed, the screens knows. The software reads all the information we need to automatically change the message to current departures – where the trains are heading and if they’re running late. All this makes it easy to broadcast location- and time-based messages, and makes it possible for Halebop to offer commuters a way to make the most of their waiting time.

23 Apr

NextM 2018

Visual Art proud partner as well as speaker at NextM 2018, arranged by GroupM. The largest martech event in the Nordics with more than 1,000 visitors, 10 keynote sessions and 24 breakouts.
Film: GroupM

11 Apr

Visual Art delivers the digital experience in Caliroots newly opened store

As Caliroots open the doors to the fifth store on Södra Larmgatan in Gothenburg, there is a strong link to e-commerce in the premises. It’s what the founder and CEO Andreas Koschnike call “the store of the future” and he wants to take the online experience offline and present Caliroots digital presence in the store in a good way.

According to, it is a “super omni store” that is flooded with a “street-feel” and the four digital stations, which all use today’s technology, “enhance the physical experience”.

Photo: Måns Hegevall

09 Apr

Visual Art presents pioneering concept for lifestyle data and out of home media

Visual Art bring advertisers the opportunity to get to know the big crowd. In cooperation with InsightOne, all the central stations and shopping malls included in Visual Arts’ OOH-network are profiled with Mosaic data –  thereby audience lifestyle, behavioral patterns and consumption data can be used for targeting.

Being the first OOH actor that adds this kind of profile data to our entire network feels truly amazing, says Hoss Khosravi, Business Area Manager at Visual Art. Being able to ”dress” the crowd and make it possible for our advertisers to see who they’re addressing is something that we’ve been aiming for a long time – and now we’re finally here. Read more


14 Feb

The “Shut up”-burger – Cravings at Circle K

Circle K releases a tasty burger, in collaboration with Swedish rapper Petter and his companions from the burger restaurant KÄK. We made a film to make customers aware of the delicious new road food.

The film is a mixture of food-craving and storytelling, showing the tasty ingredients, the faces and interactions between the creators and the burger itself. Besides the film that runs in the menuboards, we made a cut for social media. Read more

22 Jan

Making delays a good thing

In this progressive digital out of home campaign, Halebop offers free surf to commuters if their train is delayed.

This solution builds on dynamic connections: Our software VA Player connects with Trafikverket’s API, and whenever a train is delayed, the screens knows. The software reads all the information we need to automatically change the message to current departures – where the trains are heading and if they’re running late. All this makes it easy to broadcast location- and time-based messages, and makes it possible for Halebop to offer commuters a way to make the most of their waiting time. Thanks to Perfect Fools, Wavemakerglobal and Halebop.

14 Dec


During December, a Digital charity-solution is placed in SF Cinema at Mall of Scandinavia to help contribute to the World Food Program through Mastercard. By blipping a credit card, you get the chance to donate school meals. Thanks to everyone involved from Mastercard, Carat, McCann to FUYU.

08 Dec

Telenor launches three new concept stores with Visual Art signage

Located in Stockholm (Kungsgatan), Helsingborg (Väla) and Gothenburg (Frölunda Torg). The stores feature tailor-made Signage solutions with integrated design, digital backdrops and the VA-Sales tool which controls up to three different screens and upgrades the in-store experience

20 Nov

Visual Art signs partner agreement with Billboard Media – strengthens the position in Skåne

Visual Art is signing a partner agreement with the Malmö-based company, Billboard Media, which currently operates 120 out-of-home advertising displays in Malmö. 6.4 million contacts every week. With the acquisition of the Danish company, City Media, last spring, Visual Art is strengthening its position in the Öresund Region.

Billboard Media operates 120 back-lit Euro-size displays in Malmö. Their signs have a reach of 6.4 million contacts per week, with a VAC* reach in Malmö of 79%. Their customers include Triangeln, Malmö Stad, MKB, ICA Banken and Sats.

“The Öresund Region is growing at an incredible rate. With Billboard Media and City Media alongside us, we are in a very strong position. We aim to be our customers’ Nordic partner, and that means that we must have a presence in all major cities,” says Andreas Lind, CEO of Visual Art. Read more


17 Nov

You are now much less likely to get lost at Eurocommercial

Visual Art launches a brand new wayfinding solution for Hallarna (Eurocommercial) in Halmstad. Thanks to everyone involved, great team effort!

To enhance the shopping experience and help inform the customers, we created a wayfinding system for our client Eurocommercial in Hallarna. This project was part of a total rebranding of the entire shoppingmall!

With their new communication platform they are able to have a flexible and tailormade communication with their visitors that they easily can change from day to day, as well as help them find their way around the center.

09 Nov

Hat Trick for KICKS new Flagship STORES

KICKS in Malmö marks a hat trick for the new exclusive Nordic flagship stores along with its sister and brother stores in Oslo and Gothenburg. In the stores you meet prestige fashion brands like Jo Malone, La Mer By Terry and Hermès mixed with new trendy brands like Buxom, Smashbox and LH Cosmetics by Linda Hallberg.

27 Oct

Visual Art strengthens its position in the Nordic market – Opens office in Finland

Visual Art has won contracts for two shopping malls in Finland, and has employed Henry Grönroos as sales representative. Earlier this year, Visual Art opened an office in Norway and also acquired a company in Denmark. The goal is to be the largest player in digital out-of-home and digital signage in the Nordic Region by 2022.

“Finland was the last piece of the jigsaw as far as representation in all the major Nordic markets is concerned. Now we can offer our customers networks throughout the region. Finland is a really exciting market with fantastic opportunities in both digital out-of-home advertising and digital signage,” says Andreas Lind, CEO of Visual Art.

Visual Art has already begun installing screens and software at two shopping malls; Idea Park in Uleåborg and Seppälä in Jyväskyllä. Both contracts will run for five years. The first employee in Finland is Henry Grönroos, who will act as Sales Manager. Henry has a solid sales experience in analogue and digital advertising displays for shopping malls, and also of LED signs on the roads into major towns. Henry has worked with over 25 shopping malls from Uleåborg to Helsinki. Read more


12 Oct

Exciting day today as Kronen, the brand new Danish shopping center opens.

We are happy to install our fourth shopping center in Denmark. Our digital solution sets a modern feeling to the brand new center and guides, informs and inspires visitors throughout the mall.

Kronen Vanløse is the new local community in the western part of Greater Copenhagen. A brand new neighborhood – a new place to shop, eat, live and relax in the heart of this flourishing and unique community. 60 shops and a gym in direct connection with the Metro and S-train station, a large south-facing terrace with cafes and restaurants distributed on the ground floor and first floor. On top of the center on the second, third and fourth floors, a total of 14,000 m2 of accommodation is offered.


10 Oct

a look into Kicks brand new flagship store in glasmagasinet oslo

KICKS is the leading cosmetics retail chain in the Nordic region with a wide range of makeup, scent, skin care and hair care with over 250 stores. For their new flagship stores, KICKS was looking for a fashionable, modern, digital feel. KICKS wanted to enhance the shopping experience while also offer suppliers and partners with a flexible and modern tool for instore digital communication.

03 Oct

Visual Art launches Chainsaw Signage together with Husqvarna

Product amplification by digital enhancements grabs attention and makes something great, even greater.

22 Sep

New face at Visual Art – Jesper Albansson

Visual-Art-Jesper-Albansson-DOOHJesper Albansson, former Head of Marketing Communications Manager at FCA, Fiat/Chrysler/Jeep/Alfa Romeo, joins the Visual Art sales team. The role is newly composed and is defined as Creative Opportunities Manager. His task will be to develop the business between Visual Arts two business segments digital signage and digital out of home.

“Jesper has both knowledge of the marketing manager´s challenges and a distinct sales drive, which is a perfect combination for us. We want to develop our offer so customers can get the most out of their market investments with us,” says Hoss Khosravi, Chief Revenue Officer at Visual Art Group.

Prior to FCA, Jesper worked as Head of Partnerships & Sponsoring at Friends and has over 17 years of experience from sponsorship, events, sales and marketing communications. Also, he was the first Scandinavian to produce an event format for Madison Square Garden in New York. As late as in august 2017, he won the prestigious “DN Reklamcupen” for an advertisement with Jeep together with Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm.

During his time as marketing director at FCA, his interest for digital outdoor advertisement increased and the collaboration with Visual Art took form.

”We created integrated concepts and campaigns where Visual Art’s offer within DOOH was an important channel. The results were really good, especially when it came to attention. The journey that Visual Art is currently on feels very exciting to be a part of,” says Jesper Albansson.

Visual Art’s new offer will build a “zipper” feature between digital signage and DOOH, with the ambition to bring the potential that lies between business areas to life. “We want to build a creative and insight-driven business that is based on Visual Art´s technical knowledge and innovative power. One of several important tasks will be to develop solutions that either reinforce customers’ existing businesses or offer a new dimension,” says Hoss Khosravi. Read more


14 Sep

Kicks Flagship Store – Grand Opening In Oslo


Kicks Flagship Store in Oslo, Glasmagasinet – Grand Opening Today (14/9)! We love it!


14 Sep

Visual Art attracts premium brands through Stockholm acquisition

Stadsklockan av Global AgenciesVisual Art is carrying out a strategic acquisition of Global Agencies, which currently operates 250 out-of-home advertising displays with 6.8 million contacts every week. A large proportion of these is in Greater Stockholm. The displays are centrally located with high reach, which gives Visual Art a strong foothold in Stockholm’s most visited locations.

”Over and above making our advertising network even stronger, this also opens up new clients for us, particularly premium brands such as Chanel and Triwa, who find Global Agencies’ central displays, which reach high purchasing power target groups, very appealing,” says Andreas Lind, CEO of Visual Art.

Best known is the City Clocks Concept (Stadsklockan), 60 centrally-located advertising displays in Stockholm’s inner city, with a large clock above the screen, which draws attention strongly and increases client benefit. Many are located around Stureplan and in Stockholm’s busiest streets. In addition, there are 95 Golf Clocks at prestigious golf clubs as well as a further 100 displays in 10 municipalities, particularly in the Stockholm area.

An important element in the deal is to digitalise the City Clocks, 20 percent of which are already digital. Research shows that Global Agencies’ digital displays in Stockholm’s inner city have a powerful impact and high attention value, and are greatly in demand by clients.

”This is a major step for Global Agencies. Just like Visual Art, we are passionate about developing new concepts and solutions for our clients. Now we have access to Visual Art’s digital experts, and together we can develop the advertising of future,” says Roger Starck, CEO of Global Agencies. Read more


04 Sep

Visual Art is acquiring City Media, Denmark’s leading company in high impact large format media

CM_VA_002_HighThe purchase is a strategic acquisition aimed at making Visual Art the largest player in digital out-of-home advertising and digital signage. The Danish market for digital out-of-home advertising is relatively immature, which opens massive business opportunities for Visual Art.

”City Media is a fantastic acquisition for us and, strategically, it is a perfect fit in the Visual Art Group. With the company and its talented personnel joining us, we will be one of the largest players in Denmark. Over the past 20 years we have learned a great deal about how we can develop our clients’ businesses through digital communication and technical innovation”, says Andreas Lind, CEO of Visual Art Group.

City Media has 80 percent of the market for high impact media (large format out-of-home advertising) and is one of the four largest players in the OOH market. City Media has a presence in Copenhagen and in Denmark’s four largest cities. The company currently has sales of USD 5 million in out-of-home and digital out-of-home advertising and print services.

”This is a perfect match for us. Visual Art has the digital cutting-edge expertise, experience and exciting client portfolio to open new business opportunities for us. We now have the digital muscle to shift up a gear in our market”, says Pia Petersen, Managing Director of City Media. Read more


10 Jul

Visual Art summer tour in Almedalen


Successful and fun week in Almedalen filled with engaging conversations and positive energy about the future. We will definitely be back!  Thanks to all new and old friends we met during the week




10 Jul

Visual Art is proud partner of swedish open


Watch some of the best tennisplayers in the world! The tournaments are played 16-23 & 23-30 July in Båstad. Please let us know what day you would prefer to attend.


16 Jun

Gallerian – Under Construction


Visual Art’s Signage Solutions helps visitors find their way during Gallerians biggest reconstruction ever.


24 May

Telenor opens new concept store in Mall of Scandinavia


The store features a custom-made Signage solution with integrated design, digital backdrop and the VA-Sales tool which controls up to three different screens and upgrades the in-store experience. Welcome!


28 Apr

Kicks Flagship Store – Grand Opening in Gothenburg

kicksVisual Art Digital Signage – Kicks Flagship Store Grand Opening 27/4

Welcome to Kicks new flagship Store in Nordstan (Femman), Gothenburg. Digital signage concept provided by Visual Art. Integrated design, multiled, instagram-feeds and augmented reality enhances the in-store experience.

27 Mar


Put on your VR-goggles and enjoy the Visual Art 360 Experience.

Click the link above to get closer to our installations and content.



01 Mar

New office – In Norway

McD__Oslo_1_1Visual Art is strengthening its position in the Nordic market by opening an office in Oslo.

“There are great similarities between the Norwegian and Swedish markets, which makes this expansion a natural next step for us. The company is growing at a rate of 30 percent a year, and will continue to do so. We are also in a phase where we are actively working to establish the company in more markets”, says Andreas Lind, CEO of Visual Art.

Visual Art already has several major clients in Norway, including McDonalds, Circle K and Expert. The expertise the company has built up in the Swedish market will be used to the full in positioning itself in Norway.

“Visual Art is the only player on the market with an offer stretching from creative content strategy and production, to stable, intelligent systems which ensures full control over what is shown on all screens. This is the concept we will use to become a market-leader in Norway as well”, says Andreas Lind.

For more infromation please contact:
Andreas Lind, CEO, Visual Art
Tel. +46 (0)73-924 20 10


16 Nov

Visual Art performes the first automatic purchase together with Adform and momondo.

This is a milestone for DOOH in Sweden and the Nordics. We now bring the first automatic offer of DOOH to the market. Hereby Visual Art once again lives up to its promise – Shaping the future for Digital Communication!

The benefits of auto purchases are many, particularly increased access to Visual Arts layers additionally, campaign planning and sales efficiency. Visual Arts DOOH inventory will be be available in Adform DSP in January.

For more infromation please contact:
Hoss Khosravi, Head of business area DOOH
Tel. +46 (0)7o-855 19 58



26 Oct

Visual Art digitizes the umpire chair with If Stockholm Open

As media partner to If Stockholm Open, official ATP World Tour 250 tournament, we got the chance to give the audience an even more exiting tennis experience – The world´s first digital umpire chair!

On center court the umpire´s chair was digitized with live scores and dynamic messages during walk-ins and in between games and sets. Screens on the umpire´s chair displayed live scores, player presentations and statistics. Interactive functions like ACE! GAME! SET! during the game added a new spectator experience.

The umpire chair solution is scalable and works in small or large format, on tennis clubs all over the world. Custom made to fit into the environment. Creative and relevant in the use of digital communication. Read more

30 Sep


We are so happy that Mindshare Sweden invited us to attend and contribute at the Huddle event early September this year. The theme was Man vs. Machine and we played with various technical functions in harmony with 360 rich content.

The scenario was Travel in Mind and Space, where the travelers also shared their experience with friends through Instagram posts that were published on a public screen as a movie poster. Playing with technical innovation and creativity is always a challenge but when executed to its full potential, it’s like a digital dream. Read more!


01 Sep

Positive result for Superdry

After a trial of the Mall of Scandinavia DOOH-campaign, our client saw signs of quite encouraging impact.

– Over the course of the MOS campaign (1month), we saw the MOS store achieve 13% PPTS higher average sale than other Superdry stores in Sweden (30.2% vs 17.5%). Furthermore footfall grew 20% PPTS more than the Sweden store average (+50.6% vs +29.7%) says Richard Rastall, Head Of Marketing at Superdry.

24 Jun

Digital Signage Summit in Munich

visualart_digital_signage_summit_2016We are proud to be represented by Hoss Khosravi, Thorsten Wien and our client Adrienne Schmidthals from Valora Holding Germany GmbH, at the Digital Signage Summit in Munich.

13 May

Visual Art digitizes Globen Shopping

2We are happy to digitize Globen Shopping the mall nearby Ericsson Globe where the final of Eurovision Song Contest will take place tomorrow!

29 Apr

Wayfindings at Avion shopping mall

Our new digital signs and wayfindingavion_shoppin_malls at Avion shopping mall in Umeå, Sweden.

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