Programmatic DOOH 2.0

Visual Art takes programmatic DOOH to 2.0

Visual Art takes further steps within the programmatic area and opens Sweden’s largest DOOH network for permanent programmatic trade. The ambition is always to be in the forefront and herby offer an industry leading structure for programmatic trade of Digital Out Of Home media.

Visual Art began the development of a programmatic structure about three years ago and have now reached a point when it’s time to open up the inventory for permanent programmatic trade. The purpose is simply to maximize access to Sweden’s largest Digital Out Of Home inventory, for those buyers who prefer to trade programmatically.

This means in practice that Visual Art has a set up Programmatic Deals, on a permanent basis, available in Adforms DSP from October 1st. The forms of trade currently offered are Programmatic Deals to Private Markets, Preffered Deals and Automated Guarantee.

–   Our ambition is and has always been to be in the forefront when it comes technical development. And now we push ourselves even further, in order to create a higher level of buyer flexibility and to a position where clients can access a Visual Art offer 24/7, says Hoss Khosravi, CRO at Visual Art.

Commenting further, he states that Visual Art is one of a few OOH companies in Europe that has a real Programmatic structure up and running.

–   If you add the possibility to use Mosaic’s lifestyle and behavioral data our offer is to say the least, unique. We can now for real describe and present our audience in terms of lifestyle, behavioral and consumption patterns, and the data can be used for both IO and programmatic bookings.

About Visual Art
Turnover: SEK 320 million
Employees/countries: 140 people in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the USA.
Number of screens/contacts: Creates content and operates 20,000 screens throughout the world, and reaches 50 million contacts each week in OOH (network for Out of Home advertising).
CEO: Andreas Lind
Selection of clients: McDonalds, ICA, KICKS, Telia, Circle K, 7-Eleven, Volvo, Coca-Cola, Emirates.

For more information, please contact
Hoss Khosravi, Chief Revenue Officer, Visual Art
Tel. +46 70 855 19 58

Anders Persson, Manager of Business Intelligence, Visual Art
Tel. + 46 70 838 55 94

Visual Art is shaping the future of digital communication. We use digital strategy, digital signage, mobile solutions, animation and digital out-of-home advertising to strengthen our clients’ businesses. Since we opened for business in 1997, Visual Art has grown into one of the most capable digital full-service agencies in the world. We blend technical expertise with innovation and creative talent to provide a holistic service in digital communication at all levels. We have offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany and the USA, and employ over 140 employees. At present, we operate 20,000 screens in 15 countries, and the number is growing.


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