Programmatic DOOH

Programmatic digital out of home offer by Visual Art


Almost three years ago, Visual Art decided to set up a programmatic structure. Since then, our focus has been on testing and finding new possibilities within the programmatic eco system. In the process of going from idea to reality, we neede to find a suitable Ad-Tech partner. Therefore we teamed up with Adform,  who we instantly realized was a player that could help us with the necessary technique and reach towards the Swedish and Nordic market. Today, we have our own CMS (Content Management System), from where we run all broadcasting, scheduling and reporting. The CMS and all our digital products is fully integrated with Adform’s SSP (Supply Side Platform) which talks to buyers through Adforms DSP (Demand Side Platform).

Why Programmatic?

From our perspective it’s been clear from the beginning that the most important upside with a programmatic structure the flexibility and accessibility. The structure now supplies buyers with an 24/7 access to our products and offers and they can easily tailor their own solutions. On top of this, the possibility to add Trigger Data is given in order to maximize campaign affinity.

What’s the offer?

We offer the two industry standards of programmatic trade: Automated Guarantee and Programmatic Deals. Automated Guarantee is initiated by the buyer, whilst a Programmatic Deal is packaged and scheduled by the media owner/publicist – it can either be directed to an open market or to a specific buyer.

All of our arenas has been a part of Adform’s platform for quite some time now – what’s new from October 1:st is that we’re allocating one specific part of our inventory for programmatic trade. Demand and seasonality will decide how big a share of our inventory that will be allocated each week.


Another initiative that was launched early 2018 was a Mosaic project, which meant that we equipped all of our arenas with a unique profile in terms of lifestyle, behavioral and consumption data. The programmatic spin off on this is that we have created a total of 20 Mosaic deals that helps a buyer to address different target groups – all of them are available from October 1:st.

Unique deals

Apart from our permanent offer, we can also create unique deals that addresses one specific buyer (Demand Partner). This can either be done by tailored Automated Guarantee-solutions, or by the set up of one or several Programmatic Deals– that is futher on pointed to a specific Demand Partner.

Since we’re using Adform’s SSP to set up deals, Adform’s DSP will be the default solution if nothing else is requested.


Today, Visual Art offers seven different formats, both vertical and horizontal. The exact dimensions are described in each deal, and extra specifications can be accessed below.

Material Specification DSP

Horizontal material is uploaded horizontal; vertical material is uploaded vertical. All material used for programmatic deals must be uploaded through the DSP. By doing this, the material is tagged properly, which is a necessity in order to generate reports on each deal’s performance.

Creative approval

Visual Art have high demands from our property owners when it comes to what’s communicated in our channel. Therefore, we have a process for creative approval. Every time a new material is uploaded, we need to make an approval before it goes live. So, in order to avoid bottlenecks, we kindly request you as a buyer to send an email to every time a new material is uploaded.

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