Stockholm Open

IF Stockholm Open partnership

The Visual Art team has in close cooperation with the If Stockholm Open ATP tournament team created an even more exciting experience and digital footprint at this year’s ATP tournament in Stockholm – The world´s first digital umpire chair!

As digital partner to If Stockholm Open, one of the classic tennis tournaments on the ATP Tour, Visual Art got the chance to innovate and develop the world’s first digital umpire chair for professional tennis. On center court LED screens on the umpire´s chair displayed live scores, player presentations, statistics and dynamic messages during walk-ins and in between games. Interactive functions like ACE! GAME! SET! during the game added a new spectator experience.

– The tennis stadium’s grey eminence was transformed from a static surface to a colorful experience thanks to Visual Art. The audience could more easily keep track of the results and a new area of exposure was opened for our partners. On top of that walk in/entering the court and player presentations got a new dimension. The professional and normally hard to impress ATP Tour-players photographed their own images on the umpire chair LEDs before the match and shared on social media. That says about everything. Audience, partners and players, our three basic elements, they all liked the “new” umpire chair, says Marcus Dunér head of communication and marketing at Lagardère Unlimited Scandinavia.


Specifications of the digital umpire chair

Builds an even more engaging and magic atmosphere at the arena
Interactive function during the game such ACE! GAME! SET! WINNER!
Player presentation during walk ins and build ups for the match
Player profile and statistics
Live Score integrated with ATP´s score Server
Add-ons, integration and play out of Hawk eye
Enhance the effect for the advertiser
Approved by ATP for tournament use
Customized built framing in line with the traditional analog chair with screen on each side of the Umpire
Size of unit 2 225mm x 657mm
Screen spec 1 080 x 3 840 pixels in Super Portrait mode format 9:32
Put on your VR Goggles and get ready for a VR-experience:
Live from the Umpire chair and court at Stockholm Open.

From idea to reality in less than three weeks

– This innovative project is a prime example of how Visual Art works and how we in a limited amount of time create and deliver innovative solutions that combines technique, design and content. The cooperation and professionalism of our staff made the result possible. Three weeks from the first idea until the digitized umpire chair was standing at The Royal Tennis Hall in Stockholm, I am so impressed by our team, says Stefan Noble, Visual Art.
Visual Art is now looking forward to the opportunity of setting up the digitalized umpire´s chair at other ATP World Tournaments. The umpire chair solution is scalable and works in small or large format, indoor and outdoors in the sun, on tennis clubs all over the world. Custom made to fit into the environment. Creative and relevant in the use of digital communication.

– I’m very happy with our partnership with Visual Art. The LED screens with player presentations and live scoring really added entertainment value to the center court, says Simon Aspelin, Tournament director If Stockholm Open and adds ATP, the governing body of professional tennis, was also very positive to this new feature of digital umpire chairs and I’m sure that we will see much more of its use across the globe.


Info and contact

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